Richard Bull (Nels) Little House on the Prairie died.

Nels was one of my favorite characters on Little House on the Prairie. His nasty and spoiled daughter Nellie always made Laura’s life difficult.

I’ve seen Richard Bull in a few other shows. He was in a few episode of Highway to Heaven.

He was 89 years old.


Nels was always one of my favorite characters in the show, too. I loved the scenes with him and Harriet especially. It’s my understanding that the cast is really close (from reading Alison Arngrim’s book and also from an opportunity I had to interview her), so I’m sure this will be very difficult for them.

In Alison Arngrim’s memoir (which I recommend enthusiastically as not just a great former-child-star memoir but as a great memoir in general) she says that of all the actors on the show he was by far the most like his character: very kind, dignified, slightly reserved, and intelligent.

Man, I immediately thought of Richard Moll, of Night Court fame.

I was sad to see this too. Another piece of my childhood gone. Nels was always one of my favorite characters on LHotP. :frowning:

First the Professor, now Mr. Oleson. sigh