Richard Lewis and the Livestock concert

Could someone who went to KLOS-FM’s Livestock concert in Irvine, CA, tell me what happened with Richard Lewis? I’ve heard all these hints about how the crowd turned on him, but missed the real story. I’ve googled it, but found nothing on the web. Maybe, too, someone who has heard about this on the Mark and Brian show could inform me.


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Hi Cardinal,
I stumbled on your post many years after the fact but here is the answer. I attended that Livestock Concert in Irvine. As I can remember, the show was just getting underway when Richard Lewis came out seemingly drunk and started to do his stand-up routine. The concert was touted by M&B as family friendly and they had special things set up so folks could bring their kids and enjoy the show too. Lewis started giving a routine that was in no way kid friendly and should have been saved for the Comedy Store at 3 am. He was using foul language and the f-word was flying. People were getting really upset and started booing him. I was with a friend of mine but if either of us had had children with us we would have done the same. It got really bad and he was booed off the stage. I thought it would go sour from there but Carlos Mencia came out and turned it around in just a few minutes. He was amazingly awesome and they were able to recover pretty quickly.
Hope you get to see this after all these years!

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Isn’t it crazy how things have changed since 2002? If this had happened in 2013 you would not be able to AVOID the story - Twitter, Facebook, blogs, even cable news!

Yeah, kind of crazy! I saw this post while searching online to recall what year that show was. A friend of mind mentioned Midnight Oil and how great they were. The line up that day was great and included them, John Waite and Cheap Trick. It wasn’t that the audience turned on Lewis but that he was being super nasty. I remember thinking that Rita Wilde and the producers were clueless to what he was going to do and then they did an awesome job scrambling to recover.

You do realize that **tlpsmith **just made all of that up, and is a shill for Carlos Mencia, don’t you?

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The real question is why this show was called the Livestock concert, especially since it seems comedians were as prominent as actual concert acts.

WTF was the point of your “joke”?!

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Humor, as is the case with most jokes.

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OK, this has to be the most surreal thread here. A thread resurrected after 11 years, then posted in by the OP two months later and then posted in by the resurrector after two more months. Wonder what will happen in February, 2014.

Richard Lewis joins and gives us his account of the events.

Nope. I guess this is all you get. And it’s March.

It was headlined by the Cowsills and the Mooody Blues.