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I think just a joke on board games being weird and complicated.

If that element were present, it would make it more likely that the “clip” actually is from an episode. Or at least it’s my impression that the original Mr. Meeseeks episode is one of the show’s most popular.

But I bet there is no hidden sci-fi element–it’s just the creators having a little joke.


The ‘do-gooders must be stopped’ plotlines are, of course, massively political. It’s quite plausible that the Koch Brothers or others of their ilk would have cheerfully funded Superfriends episodes of the type you describe.

Just a exaggerated version of a gimmick board game like Mousetrap.


(not a real game)

Looked to me more like some weird Rickian variant of this: Operation (game) - Wikipedia

How about “Don’t Wake Daddy”? It’s even shares the word “Don’t” with “Don’t Punch My Lunch”.

Yes, closer still. Never heard of that game!

Of course there’s a trope for that.

That one does look closest to the RAM invention. (But without, of course, the show-version’s gross-out factor.)

It seemed to me to be a combination of that and Monopoly.

Well, that was a lot of sperm.

Most of this episode was kinda ho-hum for me. The main plot was largely a rehash of the Cronenburg World episode from Season 1, and there were a few recycled jokes as well.

Act 3 partially redeemed it though, between the Amazing Johnathan, the subplot with the CHUDs, Kathy Ireland, Beth and Summer saving the day during the Siege of Vegas, and the birth of Rick’s half-CHUD baby (who I guess is technically Morty’s uncle).

Best line of the episode;

Summer: “Mom, I promise to use condoms. Even when it’s butt stuff.”
Beth: “OK, we have a lot to talk about tonight.”

Also, shades of Raising Gazorpazorp.

I enjoyed it. The stuff about alien queen boss fights was funny. Also all the setup for Blazen’s pathetic death scene was great.

That episode had slipped my mind. Jerry and Summer regret that he got her pregnant at 17, but Morty is 14 and now has two children - one a four-armed monster that hates him and wants to crush everything, and the other a giant space-dwelling incest baby.

Err, Jerry and Beth.

E4 was okay but is the whole season basically just going to be Version 2.0s of previous episodes?

Will E5 feature Rick’s former buddy Fishperson getting married to Jessica? If that kind of lazy shit happens, I’m out.

Isn’t that the point of the “Story Train” episode from last year? (I.e. “quit complaining about how we’re recycling our plots, we could have totally new plots but they’d probably be lame”)

Was it? Og that episode sucked.

And also the episode where dogs became super-intelligent.

I thought it was a pretty fun parody of action movies.

So Rick and Morty episode 5x07, Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion, has somehow leaked onto the internet. This is immoral and wrong and stealing from content creators, so I’m telling you so that you know to avoid parts of the internet where things like that can be found.

Since I haven’t watched it I of course will be unable to comment on the contents of the episode. But from the title one might guess that one particular clip from the season opening credits is real and not one of the fakeouts. (Yes, this is the one with Morty playing golf.)

Update: blame Canada.