Rick and Morty -- the new animated show from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland

Well, that’s usually a sound policy.

This episode did feel like a rehash in many ways, but I laughed a few times. Morty staying hydrated with OJ was a nice callback to when he and his sex droid were so energetically gettin’ it on. I dug Rick and Morty admiring the badass Special Forces guy - until they just couldn’t any more. Loved all the exotic Vegas performers helping to defend Summer’s giant egg, and Rick frozen in carbonite, er, DNA and wanting to be out of Morty’s sightline as the sperm monsters harvested his sperm. Morty protecting the one friendly giant flying sperm (I can’t believe I just typed that) from Rick also reminded me of his doomed friendship with the gaseous genocidal alien Fart 'way back in S2.

Best lines:

“Morty, if I wanted horse semen, I’d… yes, I asked your mother.”

“Why don’t you trust labels?”

“I always knew your hormones would cause a world war between humans and cannibalistic horse people. I just didn’t know it would be like this!”

“My God, man, we were all 14 once, but it’s called self-control!”

“Yeah, not exactly accepting your apology while I’m stuck here as Handjob Solo!”

“Where did you get all this spermicide?”
“This is Vegas.”

It even has its own theme song.

Rick and Morty both appear in the new Space Jam movie.

I’m not even kidding.

Wow; that was bad. And wrong on at least 3 levels.

It gets worse.

This season is really heavy on the 80s/90s cartoon references. Episode 3 Captain Planet. Episode 5 Transformers. Episode 7 Voltron.

I loved the Hellraiser parody this episode was built around. The idea of the Cenobites finding Jerry the most delightfully cringeworthy being in the multiverse worked pretty well, and I loved “Marlinguts” and “Dartboardface”, especially after Rick took out the marlin and still had the massive gauge through his midsection.

The B-plot with Bruce Chutback wasn’t as good, but Ship had some pretty good moments, like taking out Galactus before discovering he was too small and she had to throw him back, the genocide of Space Tahoe, and disguising herself as a lawyer by shoving a chip into said lawyer’s skull.

Best lines from each story;

Head Cenobite: “Rick! We’ve been waiting for you to come down here so we could cum down here.”


Summer: “You have virginity?”
Ship: “All objects have virginity. Isn’t a doorknob a virgin?”
Morty: “Not mine! …never mind.”

I really enjoyed this week’s episode both a and b plots. And I always enjoy when Rick is forced to display his genuine feelings. I’m also wondering how you violate a doorknob-- if you’re a boy.

I agree. And I’m always up for ridicule of the twee self-importance of Clive Barker’s creations.

I liked the B story, too, with Bruce Chutback not really learning anything from his experience. For a moment there it looked as though he had, but: no.

What’s love, Doctor Doo, Doctor Doolittle?

Who’s to say that Jerry is wrong?—at least in some alternate universe (with which the show is well-supplied)…

On rewatching the episode, Morty’s line is “Not mine! …n…never fucked a doorknob.”

Which answers some questions and raises several more.

My favourite part was Jerry’s karaoke to “Oh Yeah”.

“Bow bow…the moon…beautiful”

Not a bad episode. Good to see Rick’s car mocking Summer again. Morty and Summer’s awkward angling for Bruce’s approval was fun, and I liked Rick’s infinite-regression takedown of the Hellraiser crew, in which pain becomes pleasure becomes pain becomes…

I was kinda suprised that the mailbox people moment wasn’t one of the opening credits gags that never showed up in an episode.

“I get it, you’re Oscar the Grouch.”

The turkey episode was a turkey of an episode. Just not good at all.

Rick: “You killed FDR!”

Morty: “He was a monster!”

Rick: “Don’t mythologize him. He was just a politician.”

I liked it quite a bit. The idea that he’s used the ‘presidential turkey pardon’ many times tracks with how often he gets into trouble, and anything that gets Keith David into the show works for me. I think Timothy Oliphant was wasted. I hope he gets more voice-work in the future, in addition to his regular work. Considering he’s best-known roles are as a badass, he’s great with comedy (I loved him in The Santa Clarita Diet.)
A Charlie Kaufman reboot of, “Wizard of Oz”. . . lots of amusing moments, dialog and asides. . . I enjoyed it.

Got a pregnant girl and a pickup truck, got one by choice and the other by luck