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I completely agree. I have never had so few laughs in a episode and nothing in either plot made me contemplate. I hope that the rings come back in some form later.

I think you had to be a fan of Captain Planet and the Planeteers, which they were spoofing.

I agree, even though I never watched Captain Planet. What stood out to me about the Planetina story was that she, like Morty himself, is an idealist.

As you mentioned, Smapti, this episode highlighted the compatibility between Rick and Summer–both being cynical seekers of pleasure. And both contrast with Morty, who retains the naivety and romanticism of youth. Morty believes it’s possible to do good and be good; Rick and Summer just go for the fun.

The Planetina storyline shows what can happen when someone as idealistic as Morty has the power to force those ideals on others. People die–a lot of people die. The disconnect between ‘having ideals’ and ‘being an ethical person’ was on full display.

The episode was not intended as a full exploration of these ideas–but it did a good job of raising them. Plus, it was entertaining (Jennifer Coolidge’s voice work was a standout).

What you wanna bet Rick could have saved the first two planets as casually as Summer did the third, but didn’t care.

I mildly liked the Morty storyline (Summer/Rick bored me a bit), but the tiny thing I found myself inexplicably amused by was the fourth elemental ring. Fire, air, water and DIRT. Not earth, just dirt. Maybe the most basic throwaway joke in the whole episode but it made me grin.

While I didn’t love the episode (and am familiar with Captain Planet), I did find the idea that the “Teens” who summoned her back in the 80s/90s were now cynical middle-aged opportunists using her as a gravy train was mildly amusing. Not exactly original (The Boys has already popularised the whole “Superheroes would be a marketing/PR brand vehicle in the real world” thing), but a neat twist.

Morty’s being awfully judgey about a little mass murder, considering how often he gets frustrated and just starts killing everyone in sight. Last time was just two weeks ago.

Good point (and I don’t think anyone would bet against you).


It would be not utterly shocking if this season’s episodes were to explore this very phenomenon a bit more closely. Morty’s idealism has a dark twin: self-righteousness. That’s worth some examination.

Then again, they might surprise us with an emphasis on…golf. (So far one of my biggest laughs each episode is the opening sequence’s inclusion of ‘Morty’s putt succeeds’—it’s just so weirdly happy-and-normal. A definite oddity for this series.)

That’s way too obvious. My guess is that the golf thing will never be part of an episode just to fuck with us.

I wouldn’t bet against that (either). I agree that it’s likely to be a fake-out “scene from the season.” But we’ll all know one way or the other, in all too-short a time!

Well, first two were supernovas, third was meteor if I recall correct, the last one much easier than the former to fix.

Meh episode, ok so I didn’t get the references, but not much to really care about apart from “we might probably have to kill the climate changers” and “aliens have elbow boobs”.

It was supernova->black hole->asteroid

Yeah, ok, so Rick is mega powerful, but the first two are genuine challenges but third virtually trivial for him to solve.

My two cents: I thought episode 3 was interesting (less so for the Rick/Summer B-story), but not that funny. I thought episode 2 was mildly funny, but not that interesting (the series of fake-out deaths started wearing pretty thin).

I thought 3 was better than 2 but still struggled to rise to “barely adequate”.

Not the best RAM ever, but I liked it. I’m not familiar with Captain Planet but appreciated the corny-Nineties-environmental-superheroine-turned-vengeful-ecoterrorist arc. Two other favorite bits: Beth immediately says “Thanks” as Jerry offers to go get the wine when their children storm off, hating on them; and the filthy-rich Arab sheik who is careful to note, “I don’t represent any particular group; I’m just an individual character!” moments before his death in the jaws of a dozen adorable baby harp seals.

Yes! I love that. I almost wish a Mr. Meeseeks were standing nearby, smiling, though, having helped Morty with his short game.

In the 1970s, the Superfriends (and others) were forever running into villains who might be best described as “worried about the right things, but taking it too far in response”

What was the board game with the head in it about? Seemed a bit too front and centre to not be something referenced.

Killed by SEALS