Ridding the world of EEEvillll [Windows 10]

I intend to do my part and I am asking that you join me. Remove those OSs, hard drives, laptops or desk tops, throw them in the river, in front of a train, install windows .45(caliber) or whatever is in your power.

Am I alone here when I say that Windows 10 has got me saving my milk money for a MAC? Am I the only one that has boot CDs and flash drives at the ready? Am I the only one that has lost information, time and hair because of Windows 10? am I the only one that has devices that are incompatible with Windows 10 laying around gathering dust?

How about the fact that there are updates coming and someday Windows 10 will be stable, does not console you? Do you believe Microsoft should have gone on to 11? I will stop now for your opinions.

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I’m using Windows 7 because I heard Windows 10 had inherent spyware, and I didn’t really care enough to learn a new system if it’s doing that. My laptop may or may not physically deteriorate to uselessness before Win7 stops being supported, so I’m OK with that.

I keep thinking I should go to Linux, but I honestly don’t know a lot about Linux.

Nope. I’ve been using Windows 10 since it’s been released. I can’t figure out what the hell people are so bent out of shape over.

no, scratch that. I know what people are so bent out of shape over, and that is it’s a new version of Windows. we go through this bullshit every time.

“Windows (%NEW_VERSION%) sucks! You can pry my Windows (%CURRENT_VERSION%) from my cold dead hands!”

the dimps who were decrying Windows XP as “Fisher Price bullshit” are the same ones who screamed and whined that Microsoft was dropping support 14 years later.

XP was a very good system with some goofy chrome. I’m not sure what Windows 10 is yet. I have stuck with Win7 because I was leery of getting ‘too much’ OS for what my existing hardware is comfortable with.

And there have been dubious Windows systems, you know.

Or maybe because it tried to hijack my system and forced me to edit my registry to prevent.

Out, out, foul Gates!

10 is better than 8. That’s about the best I can say for it. I too am one of the people who loved XP, and think that for its time, it is the best OS Microsoft has done. But it is outdated now. I know someone who is still running it, and it’s like running 3.1 when 98SE was out, in spite of all 98’s problems.

10 is designed for computers that have touchscreen capability. A lot of what looks like redundancy has to do with making things convenient for people relying on touchscreens. If you are using a mouse, and don’t have touchscreen, 10 might seem slow or weird. While my laptop was being repaired, I worked with a desktop running 10, and it didn’t seem like a user-friendly OS for a desktop.

I will say, though, that my mother, who used DOS until about three years ago, on a computer she had had since 1984, and then made the leap to Win2000 on my grandmother’s old computer (which replaced her Tandy sometime around 2002), is now using Win10, and it’s working for her.

There’s a lot to it, so it may have a sharp learning curve-- I don’t remember-- having dealt with Win8.1, I was just glad not to be using that anymore.

I don’t get it either. What learning curve? You click on the icon and it loads. Win+e opens windows explorer. Some things might be in a slightly different place, but so what? Your mouse works the same as always, the complaint that it disables your mouse is completely wrong.

If you don’t like the way things LOOK, you can get back your classic look and feel. But that’s just the color and shape of the toolbars and shit. It’s irrelevant.

I suppose if you’re constantly using the operating system to accomplish various tasks then a redesign makes things harder. But 99% of people are just using various applications same as always, web browsing same as always, email same as always. So what’s the big deal?

If you don’t like the spyware, or don’t like getting the install forced on you when you didn’t want it, then you’ve got a point. And if you’ve got Win7 there’s absolutely no reason at all to upgrade. I only went to 10 because I had 8.1.

Honestly, I’d be hard-pressed to find any major differences between Wins 7 and 10, at least that I’ve noticed.

Yeah I had to do a mental inventory a few times to remember which of my 3 machines had 7 and needed to be updated yet. My HP desktop, custom desktop/media player and Toshiba laptop all got 10 over the past year and other than missing Windows DVD Maker, I have had zero problems. And I use all three of the machines every day.

I loved XP. I really loved 7. And I think 10 is a very subtle upgrade to 7 (except the DVD Maker!)

Windows 10 has issues with its automatic updates–in that they are forced on you in a way they never were before. I do know a lot of people who have lost work because Windows restarted their computer.

It also has this mandatory semiannual major update that undoes a ton of your settings and take hours to complete, and then you find out they took away features.

It won’t let me keep the older but better graphics driver for my PC. And it has huge problems with my hard drive, making it run really slowly–which was ultimately why I went back to Windows 7. Other people I know have had their wifi stop working.

I know it’s painless for some people, but it’s not for others. And, since it was a free upgrade, it had higher standards of not breaking than something you explicitly went out and bought. It didn’t live up to those for a lot of people.

Oh, and it fucked up the UI, and constantly had issues where the Start Menu wouldn’t open and such. It wasn’t ready when it came out.


I really, really like Windows 10. The new update makes it even better (The face recognition unlock is pretty cool… but I wonder how secure it is).

I was going to upgrade to Windows 10 on backup computer, but it didn’t like my monitor. I made sure the driver was up-to-date: it still didn’t like my monitor. Why should I get a new monitor when my old one works fine?

I just upgraded to Windows 10 from XP (yes, XP). Seems fine to me except for one thing: I dislike that to play Freecell I have to see ads.

Agreed… I had some early problems with my printer, but the printer manufacturer had a step-by-step tutorial on downloading and installing a new printer driver, and that was perfectly simple.

Someone mentioned Linux, and I have a question: does Linux have a graphic user interface, akin to windows – icons that you click to launch apps, etc.? I have some Unix experience…but only as a command line interpreter. Do various Linux installations come with Windows-like functionality, user-friendly and pretty and easy as point-and-click?

Here are links for various available GUI’s:



I was happy with Win10 until I started to get the “Black Screen of Death”

Apparently, what’s happening is Win10 will inadvertently switch my display to a monitor that doesn’t exist on my computer, or it’s switching to a graphics card that I don’t use.

The only way I know how to fix it is to do a hard reboot. Which is beyond annoying.
I found some links on how to fix it, it’s too tech for me to want to try to fix it. I’m afraid if I do, I’ll just screw it up worse.

My mom let Win10 upgrade on her laptop, and it’s caused her no end of irritation. She’s a very low-level user, and she relies on me and one of my sisters for her tech support. Last time I helped her out, I had a terrible time finding basic stuff, like Control Panel, so I could get Chromium off her machine. Many bad words were said, but I finally took care of all the issues that were bothering her.

As a result of that and my husband dealing with Win10 on his PC, I refused to upgrade. When this machine dies (please let it be a while longer…) I’ll get whatever the current OS is and I’ll learn to deal with it, but for now, allow me to coexist with Win7 in peace.

PS - I really hate touch screens. Apart from the dirty screen thing, I tend to have cold fingers and for some reason, touch screens don’t like cold fingers.

Next time, just right click on the start button. This brings up shortcuts to Control Panel, Computer Management, the command prompt etc