I received the following riddle, and no one I know can come up with an answer. Wanna try?

There are 3 words in the Engish language
that end in “gry”. ONE is angry and the other
is hungry. EveryONE knows what the third ONE
means and what it stands for, everyONE used them everyday. And if you listened carefully,
I’ve given you the word. What is it?

If I see this riddle again, I am going to scream

By the way, you worded it all wrong.

According to “The Straight Dope Tells All,” it is Item #666 in the secret room in St Peter’s Basilica, which will not be opened until 01/01/01.

I have also heard that if you drink the “special” kool-aide and wear your sweats and nike’s the spaceship behind the comet will tell you the answer.

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

Yes, isn’t the riddle supposed to be: “What is the third word?”. This riddle as phrased makes no sense.

The answer to this riddle is not so easy. It in fact will solve the quest for the meaning of life in the universe.

Man has pondered this particular riddle for eons. It was initially found in a cave by some cave people millions of years ago. They of course did not know what it meant at the time, as they could not read, but they passed the symbols from one generation to the next until some english speaking person actually was able to read it. (The ancient Romans and Greeks could not read it due to the fact that it was written in English). It was also found later in the spaceship in Roswell NM. This has lead to speculation that it was put here long ago (millions of year ago) by space aliens. The fact that they spoke and wrote in English is even further proof, as evidenced by the fact that all the aliens on Star Trek speak and read English. So if we can indeed decifer what this message means then we can determine what the aliens intended. Did they plant the seeds of early man or just visit the evolving apes. Was man the children that resulted in a space ship crash millions of years ago.

No one knows for sure, it can currently only be speculated. It is believed that this one riddle can unlock the DNA codes, can teach us how to end world hunger, can cure cancer, and can bring the people of the world together in such a way as to allow you to find grits in the north.

If you can solve this riddle, you can have untold wealth. You would be the most famous person ever. You will go down in history as the one that solved the mystery of life. The SDMB would worship you (at least some of them would).

Will you be the one? Are you the chosen one? Do you have what it takes to bring this world into the light? Please say that you are. Please solve this riddle. Do it for the sake of humanity.

We need you.


The Teeming Millions may find this useful. http://fathom.org/teemingmillions/flamegenerator.html

Why generate flames when you can generate fun. Now if Opal has a BS generator, I would like that, but I do so like generating it myself.


thanks for nothing. this was my first time in a chat room and I’m not impressed with the sarcasm to a legitimate question.

First, this is not technically a chat room, but instead a message board. Chat rooms are places where people are all typing on various topics in the same window, a message board the topics are in what is called threads.

Secondly, whenever you are new to a chat room, or message board, or any participatory web site, you should check the FAQs. Had you done so you would have found the following in the description of “Questions that Cecil refuses to Answer”

You will note the statement about questions with words ending in -gry.

You should also search the archives to see if a topic has been discussed in the past. Had you done so, you would have found that this question has been answered.

Also, this is a quirky bunch and sarcasm flows like a river, don’t get bothered by it but learn and give it back as you are ready.


This is not a chat room. This is a message board. The answer, if the question were posed correctly, would be “three”. As far as my brain knows, there is no English word ending in -gry, other than “angry” and “hungry”.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Wow. All over her like hyenas on a sick gnu.

I like that. Now that she’s gotten her “gry” out of the way she can ask some legitimate questions. Like the driveway/parkway question…

“Eat s**t and die?” What if Valenta is unhungry?

Hey, don’t you think it’s great that Valenta took time out after a busy day poking holes in Kiwi lids to offer this post. C’mon, brainstems, she’s famous!!
(Welcome V.)

Oh, and Nickrz, if you saved those posts which were deleted, could you e-mail them to me. I didn’t drop it to hard drive and it was me at my fumin’ best, ya know.

From the MFSD FAQ. A list of gry words, followed by the correct riddle and its answer.

aggry [OED:1:182; W2; W3]
Agry Dagh (Mount Agry) [EB11]
ahungry [OED:1:194; FW; W2]
angry [OED; FW; W2; W3]
anhungry [OED:1:332; W2]
Badagry [Johnston; EB11]
Ballingry [Bartholomew:40; CLG:151; RD:164, pl.49]
begry [OED:1:770,767]
bewgry [OED:1:1160]
bowgry [OED:1:1160]
braggry [OED:1:1047]
Bugry [TIG]
Chockpugry [Worcester]
Cogry [BBC]
cony-gry [OED:2:956]
conyngry [OED:2:956]
Croftangry [DFC, as “Chrystal Croftangry”]
dog-hungry [W2]
Dshagry [Stieler]
Dzagry [Andree]
eard-hungry [CED (see “yird”); CSD]
Echanuggry [Century:103-104, on inset map, Key 104 M 2]
Egry [France; TIG]
ever-angry [W2]
fire-angry [W2]
Gagry [EB11]
gry (from Latin gry) [OED:4/2:475; W2]
gry (from Romany grai) [W2]
haegry [EDD (see “hagery”)]
half-angry [W2]
hangry [OED:1:329]
heart-angry [W2]
heart-hungry [W2]
higry pigry [OED:5/1:285]
hogry [EDD (see “huggerie”); CSD]
hogrymogry [EDD (see “huggerie”); CSD (as “hogry-mogry”)]
hongry [OED:5/1:459; EDD:3:282]
huggrymuggry [EDD (see “huggerie”); CSD (as “huggry-muggry”)]
hungry [OED; FW; W2; W3]
Hungry Bungry [Daily Illini, in ad for The Giraffe, Spring 1976]
iggry [OED]
Jagry [EB11]
kaingry [EDD (see “caingy”)]
land-hungry [OED; W2]
leather-hungry [OED]
Langry [TIG; Times]
Lisnagry [Bartholomew:489]
MacLoingry [Phillips (as “Flaithbhertach MacLoingry”)]
mad-angry [OED:6/2:14]
mad-hungry [OED:6/2:14]
magry [OED:6/2:36, 6/2:247-48]
malgry [OED:6/2:247]
man-hungry [OED]
Margry [Indians (see “Pierre Margry” in bibliog., v.2, p.1204)]
maugry [OED:6/2:247-48]
mawgry [OED:6/2:247]
meagry [OED:6/2:267]
meat-hungry [W2]
menagry [OED (see “managery”)]
messagry [OED]
nangry [OED]
overangry [RH1; RH2]
Pelegry [CE (in main index as “Raymond de Pelegry”)]
Pingry [Bio-Base; HPS:293-94, 120-21]
podagry [OED; W2 (below the line)]
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pottingry [OED:7/2:1195; Jamieson:3:532]
puggry [OED:8/1:1573; FW; W2]
pugry [OED:8/1:1574]
rungry [EDD:5:188]
scavengry [OED (in 1715 quote under “scavengery”)]
Schtschigry [LG/1:2045; OSN:97]
Seagry [TIG; EB11]
Segry [Johnston; Andree]
self-angry [W2]
self-hungry ?
Shchigry [CLG:1747; Johnson:594; OSN:97,206; Times:185,pl.45]
shiggry [EDD]
Shtchigry [LG/1:2045; LG/2:1701]
Shtshigry [Lipp]
skugry [OED:9/2:156, 9/1:297; Jamieson:4:266]
Sygry [Andree]
Tangry [France]
Tchangry [Johnson:594; LG/1:435,1117]
Tchigry [Johnson:594]
tear-angry [W2]
tike-hungry [CSD]
Tingry [France; EB11 (under “Princesse de Tingry”)]
toggry [Simmonds (as “Toggry”, but all entries are capitalized)]
ulgry [Partridge; Smith:24-25]
unangry [OED; W2]
vergry [OED:12/1:123]
Virgry [CLG:2090]
Wirgry [CLG:2090; NAP:xxxix; Times:220, pl.62; WA:948]
wind-hungry [W2]
yeard-hungry [CED (see “yird”)]
yerd-hungry [CED (see “yird”); OED]
yird-hungry [CED (see “yird”)]
Ymagry [OED:1:1009 (col. 3, 1st “boss” verb), (variant of “imagery”)]

More info about the riddle:
Actually, the original version of that puzzle – before some scholarly type
discovered that there really are other words ending in “gry” – was a trick
question, as all puzzles should be: It went like this:
Think of words ending in ‘gry’. Angry and hungry are two of them.
There are only three words in the English language. What is the
third word? The word is something that everyone uses everyday.
If you have listened carefully, I have already told you what it is.

Now. ignore the first line, which is a red herring.

The answer, of course, is ‘language’. (the first two words being
‘the’ and ‘english’.)

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Wow, I got to watch Nickrz in action on this one.

At the risk of being flamed myself, I’m going to be nice to Valenta. Hell, she likes reading, crafts, and the outdoors. Sounds like a nice enough lady to me. Jeffery (Gawd, it hurts to type that name that way) explained things pretty well. In fact, this topic was just discussed yesterday. See http://www.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/002369.html .

The Teeming Millions have their pet peeve questions. Asking one will result in anything from a gentle ribbing to outright, uncontrolled flaming, as you may or may not have seen. The “gry” question is the big one among the TM’s pet peeves, hence the responses you got here.

BTW, you will find the answer if you search the archives. Just remember to select “Classic” under “Column Type.”

Just to be safe, in addition to exploring TSD’s official web site, you should also conduct a thorough exploration of the Teeming Millions homepage at fathom.org/teemingmillions . It’s an excellent web site. Trust me.

I now brace myself for the oncoming flames.

I think we’ve seen enough flames for one day in hell. Newbies are people, too - let’s be gentle, please? Unca Cecil smiles on those with patience and a clever wisecrack or two…
but flaming (if you MUST) of course belongs in the pit.

GQ Mod

A newbie troll. But a troll nevertheless.

Valenta8 is the embodiment of a dry heave after even the yellow ichor of a night’s consumption of cheap wine has been expelled from a stumblebum’s stomach.

Better, Nickrz?