Riding bicycle on roads=death.

I ride my bicycle almost everyday and everyday I’m lucky to be alive.
Drivers don’t give a shit about peoples on bikes,and absolutelly horrific is to ride at night.I have lights installed and reflective stripes all over my bike but Man o Man I’m scared like shit of being hit and having some serious injury.
So now instead of riding on roads I try to ride on sidewalks ,there is no other way and even then I got hit once by a car pulling out of gas station.
God damned cars!

I’ve heard that being on roads in general in certain places is dangerous.
It’s quite safe to ride bikes where I live and I often did (before I let my bike fall into neglect) quite freely.

Hey, I’m all for separate bike lanes in urban areas, as long as everyone agrees to licencing fees on bikes to cover the costs.

As soon as a see a single bicyclist who thinks that the traffic laws apply to him and doesn’t routinely weave from the street to the sidewalk, run red lights, and ride between lanes, I’ll believe that it’s the motorists’ fault that biking is dangerous.

Hmm. I opened this thread fully expecting a pitting of those bicycle riders who apparently want to die. You know, the ones that ride right on the edge of a shoulderless, curvy road with a good number of blind curves, or the ones that swerve willy-nilly in and out of the shoulder/bike lane, or (worst of all) the ones that just plain ride right smack in the middle of the fucking road at fifteen miles per hour (speed limit 45).

Turns out I was wrong. I’ll agree with your rant, nonpolar, provided you’re not one of the people I mentioned above (and I have no reason to believe that you are). Some drivers are so fed up with the idiot cyclists around here that it seems like they’ll take any chance they can get to do one in…and then, of course, there’s the drivers who don’t give a damn whether anyone else lives or dies, cyclist or not. I’m not one of those drivers, and if I see a cyclist riding on the shoulder minding his/her own business, I’ll move to the edge of my lane, pass slowly, give them a wave, and get on with my life. The other type, though…well, I’d never willfully harm anyone except in self-defense, but I can’t say I’ve never been tempted.

Side note – it isn’t just cyclists that do this kind of thing. A staple feature of the roads around here, especially the curvy mountain ones, are the two middle aged ladies (not always the same ones, but there’s always two of them, and they’re always middle aged ladies) that decide to go for a leisurely walk in the middle of the road during rush hour. Sometimes they’ll bring their dogs along, just to make things even more fun. I feel bad for the dogs, really – at least if the owners get smacked, it’s their own damn fault.

This must be Cyclist’s Day or something. I was thinking about this same topic today and I also read a short article in my local paper about a girl in a neighboring city who was crushed to death by a dump truck when it made a right turn directly in her path. And get this - she was in a bike lane.

A lot of drivers have total disregard for cyclists. Granted, I’ve seen my fair share of cyclists who are paying absolutely no attention to anything or anyone around them and go wherever they please without warning. Being that I don’t drive, I get around either on foot or by bike, mostly by bike. I try to be as best I can on the roads - I use hand signals, have lots of reflectors and lights, a bell, and a rearview mirror, but there are a lot of drivers who act like I’m not even there. They say that to be seen by drivers, cyclists should stay at least a metre out from the curb. When I do that though, I’m just not fast enough for the jerks in their hot cars - they honk or aggressively try to pass me. So it seems I don’t have a lot of choice but to be forced off to the side.

Buh-bam! I have such a hard time feeling sorry when one of these pits comes up bitching about cars. On a regular basis I see cyclists pretending that the rules of the road don’t apply to them, and that shit chaps my ass.


Well, I stop at red lights, I use hand signals, I don’t weave between lanes. And I’m still too terrified to ride my bike after 7 a.m. and on any road that doesn’t have a cycle lane, such is the utter disregard drivers have for cyclists in this town.

If there were more cycle lanes and drivers actually respected them I’m sure you would see far fewer cyclists going on sidewalks, etc.

Con-sarned velocipedes! Sidewalks is fer walkin’, and if I catch you youngins hoggin the sidewalk, I’ll stick my cane in your spokes, I will! Have taste of cee-ment, and see how you like that!

You don’t hear the Chinese bitching, do you? :smiley:

Their government keeps a tight lid on things. Tanks beat bikes doncha know :wink: .

Do you realize this is illeagal in most states? I’m also convinced it’s dangerous to ride on the sidewalks. Sooner or later you need to cross driveways, parking lot entrances and intersections. At those points, drivers aren’t prepared for bicycles that jump out of the sidewalk at 15mph. It’s safer to ride where you can be predictable and visible. You said yourself that you almost got hit by a car coming out of a gas station. If you were on the road, the driver would probably have seen you. I know a couple other people who got into a similar accident riding on a sidewalk.

By the way I’m not mad at drivers who think bikes are dangerous. There are so many cyclists who ride dangerously that we, as a group, haven’t really earned the respect of drivers. Nevertheless I’d like to ask drivers not to judge us as a group. Many of us do obey all traffic laws. I never weave in and out of sidewalks, I always obey stop signs and traffic lights.

I don’t see anything wrong with those specific cases. If you are driving on a shoulderless curvy road with blind curves, you are obliged to drive slowly so that you can avoid traffic hazards such as wild animals, tractors, broken-down vehicles and bicycles. I’m not sure what you mean by “middle of the road” but as long as the bicycle is in the rightmost lane, there really shouldn’t be a problem. If the lane is too narrow to be shared with a car, a bicyclist has the right to take the lane. (Though he also has the obligation to let the car pass when it becomes safe to do so, e.g. when there is a break in oncoming traffic.)

As well it should. They piss me off, too. Of course, I’m also known to yell at cyclists on the sidewalk or, worse yet, riding against traffic, that they’re vehicles and to get on the damned road. But, as scr4 asks, please don’t judge all of us by the actions of a few. Especially those who aren’t paying attention and riding like dumbasses.

And I believe that the best defense is a good offense. To that end, I am the most offensive sonofabitch on the road. I quite often blister the ears of those too delicate to accept the consequences of their actions.

Our so called “bike lines” are biggest joke I have ever seen.
In my city those lines are simply painted white lines without hardly any bike sign to them.Even I can not spot them .
There are couple nice waterfront bike paths, but “bike lines” suck.

Did you guys see real bike lines in - Old Europe ? Their lines sometimes are better than our roads,in Berlin,Amsterdam etc. bike lines even have their own little traffic lights.

As pointed out before, you are judging many by the actions of a few.

Shall I point out that vast number of cars that run red lights and ride on lane markers as well? I’ll admit that I haven’t sen many cars weave from street to sidewalk, around here cars usually just use the sidewalk as extra parking spaces.

And how much would you have these fees be? What would you base them on? Weight? Cost of vehicle? Pretty much any standard you pick would have the fees wiped out by the beauracracy needed to maintain the registration.

In turn, what would I get for my fees? A handful of bike lanes sure isn’t enough.

I effectively already pay fees for the use of the roads I use.

“Bike fees” is inevitably another catchphrase for “get the bikes off the roads”.

Why motorists care if guy on bicycle crashes?Drivers in America are some of the worst. Anyway-
-who causes more damage in case of accident 2 tons of metal coming at you or 100 Kg of bike / human.

I agree with you about the cyclists who swerve all over the place.

But let’s look at the rest of your paragraph. First, you complain about cyclists that ride right on the edge of the road, and then you complain about cyclists that ride in the middle.

Where would you prefer they ride?

FTR, here in Maryland bicycles are required “Ride in the same direction as motor vehicles, as near to the right side of the roadway as possible.”

I can’t remember the last time I saw a car ignore a red light or a stop sign. I see bicyclists do it every day. Granted, the neighborhood I live in is pretty high on the skate-boarders-over-30 demographic, but still.

It would be a lot better if there were consistently good bike lanes. Around here some of the most best ones alternate with some of the most hair-raising narrows. And what is the point of having bike lanes on city streets if you let people park in them?

The car that struck my front tire and spindizzied me was running a red light. I was that close to getting killed by the jerk.I see plenty of cars jump red lights and run stale yellows. Turning on red without so much as a slowdown is a local pastime around these parts. (i’ve had cloosisons with these bozos) I’ve seen cars just plain ignore lights when they thought nobody was around (I was appraoching with the green. Loads of fun). Cars ignore red lights more than you might notice.

Yes, I do see cyclists running red lights, more often I see them treating it as a stop sign of some kind. The simple fact they fail to appreciate is that unless they go to the near suicidal antics of bike couriers their light running does no good. I’ve done tests and found I’ve caught up with light-runners in short order.