"Riding Giants" on Discovery Channel (HD) tonight

You must see this. It’s on the HD channel only, but you don’t want to see it in SD anyway. Link.

It’s the story of surfing in the US, with footage going back to the 40s. It’s so well done, it will blow your mind. And the High Def filming of Laird Hamilton’s big wave riding is absolutely stunning.

If you don’t have High Def, rent it sometime.

Just want to chime in - I’m not a surfer or surfing aficionado (except I do luvs me look of boys in wetsuits) and “Riding Giants” is an excellent and very well made documentary. I’ve seen it around 4-5 times.

Same here. I tried to surf once or twice, but as soon as I realized how much time it would take to get good, I went back to the things that I’m already good at. I’ve also seen it at least 4 times.

I love Riding Giants- surf films and contests make winter tolerable. Endless Summer I and II are great, but Step Into Liquid is captivating. Anyone seen it?

Watching it for the nth time right now. Pure joy. I love the narration, I love the music, and I looooove the video. When you get to the part about L. Hamilton, that’s just poetry in motion. Sounds corny, but it’s true.

If you missed it, it’s also on Sunday, Nov 25th, Saturday, Dec 1, and Sunday, Dec 2.


I don’t surf either, but this documentary is nothing short of amazing from both a sport and film perspective.