Riff?! NOOOOO! (Sluggy Freelance SPOILERS)

This one’s for all the die-hard fans of Sluggy Freelance out there. Consider the entire thread to be SPOILERS if you haven’t been following recent events.
Spoiler space.



Riff betrayed Aylee???


I mean, yes, I know, he was gunning for her for quite a while there, but it seemed like he had gradually accepted Aylee’s place in the grand scheme of things. Now we find out that he’s been working for Hereti-Corp since day one, and (indicretly) helping to turn her from sweet-lovable-naive EMP-bursting dragon into The Killer CEO From Hell.

I’m just devastated here, and I’m not the only one. Who else wants to unload?

(And what is it with depressing webcomics lately? Sluggy’s got this and the recent “Fire and Rain” thing, GPF is doing a year-long riff on The Terminator, and even Kevin and Kell uncorked marital infidelity the other week. Geez, is John Ashcroft bumming out the entire country or something?)

Well, it does explain how Riff can afford to get all these wacky things and gidgets. But it does seem odd that he never ever told Torg who exactly he works for – or that Torg never asked…

Me, I’m bummed that John Allison has decided to end Bobbins.

Nah nah nah. Riff wasn’t malicious. See how he thought that Hereti-Corp did nice stuff like cure diseases, and how his reports were just “Ate a sandwich. Hey look, a gymnastic assassin. Need more mayo.”

He wasn’t selling out Aylee to hC because he hates and fears her. hC finding out about Aylee is secondary to whatever they’re having Riff do.

And just what is that? Spy on Torg? That’s the real question here.

I’m thinking Riff is an unwitting “crash-test-dummy” for HC, testing out and find the (many!) bugs in HC technology, which they will use for purposes undetermined.

As for Torg never asking about where Riff gets all the goodies, well, Torg has never been much of a thinker… As long as there’s beer and video games, Torg is content to just go along with the flow.

Well, since Riff has been having way-cool adventures and building weapons of mass destruction since High School (“A Carniverous Smurf for Tammy Sue Hassenpeffer”), it makes sense that an evil corporation would want to keep him on retainer.

Just in case he should stumble across a particular effective killer robot, or a gymnastic assassin (who has been appraently programmed to kill HeretiCorp personnel on sight), or a shapeshifting alien, ripe for cloning.

But yeah, despite his long-running anti-Aylee platform, Riff didn’t mean anything malicious. Hopefully Torg will figure that out. Then again, given hC’s involvement with Oasis (and the fact that Riff still worked for them), it won’t be easy.

I love that comic. Is it not nifty? Worship the comic.

It still shines a bad light on Riff, though. And besides, his ignorance of Hereti-Corp’s evil intentions is at best rather ignorant – he was with Torg and Aylee during the “Cannibals Anonymous” bit, and Percy the Man-Eating Mammoth mentioned that he was from HC.

Ah, I’m probably just nostalgic for the good ol’ carefree days of Sluggy.

Bobbins ending? I thought it was just going on hiatus for a month or so.

And after a visit to the website, damn.