Right now, I wouldn't mind having...

…a backrub.

…my old kitchen back.

…a filet mignon, medium rare, with asparagus and a big baked potato.

…football shown year-round.

…daylight savings time back.

…my writer’s block smashed to bits.
What about the rest of you?

And I wonder when I sing along with you, if everything could ever feel this real
If anything could ever be this good again.

–Foo Fighters

…a massage.

…enough money to live without a roommate.

…gotta agree with the football year-round.

…to live closer to my best friends Jilly and Mark.

…and to have a friend admit how he really feels about me. sigh

“Better people…better food…and better beer!”
-Neil Peart, Rush

  • definitely a massage

  • something really ooey gooey and chocolatey

  • a plane ticket to somewhere warm (its soooo cold today)

  • my favourite bud right here with me

  • a bubble bath (raspberry ripple) in the dark with candles

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

…the opportunity to be the filling in a Joseph Fiennes, Jeff Goldblum sandwich

…my old body back

…24 hours with no children, pets, or husbands around

…I’ll have to agree with the filet mignon and asparagus. Make mine medium well, though, and trade the baked potato for a baked sweet potato

…a bottle of hair dye…at this point, any color will do

…I’ll take that massage, too. Full body. Done by either of the above mentioned yummy boys.

“Excrement. That is what I think of J. Evans Pritchard, PhD.” --Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

Chris’ Homepage: Domestic Bliss

…a big, fat stromboli from Gallina’s Pizza down the street.

…to not come into work tomorrow.

…the Jeep paid off.

…a screenplay finished-fuck that, started.

…a resolution to my current self-inflicted relationship crisis.
Good topic, Drain.

And the problem with small furry animals
in corners is that, just occasionally,
one of them’s a mongoose.
Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

wild sex would be pretty good at this point too!!

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

money to fly a friend to a warm place…

a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich…

a month’s vacation paid…

wild passionate sex with…

a man who loves me

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

…a good, memorable sig line

…a girlfriend

…a clue as to what I want to do for the rest of my life

…a big fat raise

…all my debts erased

…a new electric guitar

…a new car

…a medium-well top sirloin stuffed with bleu cheese and mushrooms, a huge baked potato and some Hacker-Pschorr Weizen to wash it all down.

…a nice, sunny, warm outdoor location to eat the aforementioned meal.

…your mama on whole wheat.

…Sting’s ass for a hat.

Oh yeah…

…a whollotta money.

Forgive me - I’m in one of them goofy-ass moods, guys.

Big love to the Dopers!

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, dogs are from Pluto.

…MY Mind back
…My sanity back
… a boss who is nice to me.
… some free time.
…a SANE woman who appreciates me
…a nice big latte (see signature)
SIGH!!! My life sucks and winter is coming, ugh!

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

…hope for the future

…massage long one (a PROFESSIONAL one, come on get your minds out of the gutter)

…a career instead of a job

…southern exposure, I can’t deal with winter


damn it, forgot one…

…green card

…a massage, definitely. Right now. Please.

…a girlfriend.

…more hours on my casual job.

…the glorious feeling of happy and content satisfaction.

…some chicken.

…a massage. Now. Pleeeeease?

…naked pictures of Natalie Portman.

Hero For A New Millennium!

The Legend Of PigeonMan - updates every Wed & Sat

… a vacation.

…my mom still alive.

Yer pal,

  • a month off, w/ time to just sleep, read, play w/ the pup, let the nerves unwind

  • a cleaning and lawn service, to rake up the dust bunnies and piles of leaves

  • a big bowl of pasta, w/ olive oil, garlic, sauteed spinach, pine nuts–and a good, smooth red wine to sip along w/ it.

  • a less stressful, more forgiving job

  • this &(%$%# divorce finalized–and to never have to see, hear or think of my Ex again! Peace, bliss, whimper, NOW…


…some clients pay their bills.

…the money I spent on Compaq stock.

…a beer.

Oh well, at least there’s one I can do something about tonight.

Maybe there’s still some terra-cotta dye lying around a certain poster’s house…

…A margharita

…A massage

…A deep dish pizza with the works

…some really good Italian food

…Some BBQ

…To cuddle with a certain someone

…Wild, sweaty, screaming, bed rocking, window shaking, pinned up against the wall, deep, long, slow, fast, faster monkey sex.

…a 24 hour long orgasm.

…3 days to recover.

…A world tour.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

…a spell checker. Ugh.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.