Right turn signal vs. four-way flashers

When I stop in a right hand lane on a street to parallel park, I put on my four-way flashers. I figure that will let anyone behind me know that they should go around me. My wife says that I shouldn’t be doing that; that I should put on my right turn signal instead. I say that could be interpreted to mean that I plan to turn right at the next intersection. Who’s right?

In NY on your drivers test, you’re supposed to use your turn signal. I would conclude (based on that) that at least in NY, that is what you’re supposed to do.

Personally, I’d go around you either way. If you are stopped (or slowed) in the road with your flashers OR signal on, I’d assume you weren’t going forward and go around.

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Texas wants you to use the turn signal too.But I agree with you, doc. Especially in busier traffic, folks will see those 4 ways figure your broke down and get around you as soon as they can.Otherwise they pull right up behind you waiting for you to move forward and turn. But it really doesn’t matter,obviously Zette has never been the person behind me. Around here as soon as you pull past the parking spot ,signal either way, somebody in a lil micro compact whups right into the parking space.If they are polite they give you a wave of thanks for locating the space for them. That’s why I drive one of those lil things when I go downtown. No, I don’t poach the spot from others,but I can get in by driving forward so they don’t do it to me.

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Are you reversing into the space? If you have reversing lights on, and a turn signal flashing, there wouldn’t be much doubt about what you were doing.


You would think turn signal and reverse lights would be enough, but mr john has a point about some yutz either touching your rear fender or zipping into the space you so kindly pointed out to them.

My other car’s a motorcyle, and that’s just about the only way to get into some of the unrealistically small parallel parking spots anyway.

Back on the four-way flasher topic, one of the Weather Channel guys recently suggested using them in heavy rain. I personally hate that. After following cars with flashers on for several miles, how’s someone gonna realize that the next car with flashers on is actually stopped dead in or by the road?! Sheesh! :mad: