Yeah, another bad driver

We know that (a) ideally, you shouldn’t move into an intersection until there’s room for you on the other side, and (b) if you do find yourself in an intersection when the light turns red, move out of it as soon as you can. But yesterday I encountered a driver who put an innovative twist on this. This person’s rationale appeared to be something like the following: “I would have been in the intersection when the light turned red if the car in front of me had moved; therefore, when that car moves, I am entitled to follow it through the intersection, even though the light turned red a good fifteen seconds ago.”

I am calling this new concept Subjunctive Right of Way.

Whereas I have to turn right at a light to get to my transit station. This light has a right turn green arrow.

This morning some jackass sat there through the entire red light (when she could have turned right because NO ONE was coming!) and then turned on the green and proceeded to drive 20 mph in the left lane of a 45 zone, because she was going to turn left at the next light. :smack:

Four cars back from her, another jackass stopped at the green arrow, spent about five seconds looking around, then crawled around the corner at slower than walking speed. :smack::smack::smack:

I pissed off a driver in front of me the other day -

We got slowed down on a section of road for a left turner (4 cars ahead) - He was slow to take off and resume speed (ok, I can deal with that) - then he started veering into oncoming traffic (damn texting), so I honked to alert him - he did alot of a recovery dance - apparently this pissed him off (musta mispelled a word) as he flipped me off and acted like he wanted to do more— I just laughed at him.

next time, I wont alert you that you;re about to drive into oncoming traffic - I’ll just let you wreeck the thing -


Poor driving ability, entitlement, plain stupidity?
You decide.

I once saw a Ford Focus ST (the go-faster one) parked sideways across three disabled bays.

“Parade Of Assholes” has more of a ring to it.

Just this morning sitting back about 10 cars from a light I watched a white Navigator bully their way to the left lane, then make a right turn in front of the right lane and the right turn lane when they reached the intersection. What an asshole.

I like that! Around here we’ve mostly been calling that “If you’ve seen it green” ("…you can go through a red light as long as you were moving toward it while it was green.") It’s a major pastime here. I’ve seen as many as seven cars proceed to follow someone through a solidly red light.

There must be something going around. Also this morning I saw a car in the left turn only lane of the freeway exit ramp stop all traffic as is turned right. And this is California, where we have plentiful U-turns, so all this bozo had to do was turn left and turn around.

And you called the police?

This morning I had to pass around a moron who was stopped waiting for a schoolbus to load. Why was he a moron, you may ask? Well, the bus was on a side street to the left of us (a T intersection), and Moronico had pulled all the way to the right side of my street in order to wait to make his left turn after the bus turned off it’s lights. I had to pass Moronico on the left to get around him. :smack:

A while back I was in the rightmost of 3 lanes, planning to turn onto a main road about a mile or so ahead. Diagonally in front of me is a pickup truck. With very little warning, the driver of the pickup decides to make a right turn out of the wrong lane, cutting me off and leaving me no choice but to hit my brakes and cut hard onto the same street as him, somehow avoiding a wreck.

The jerk was totally oblivious to my presence the whole time.