Right-wing media fearmongering taken to its logical end

Census worker in KY hanged with the word “Fed” scrawled on his chest.

So you rouse the rabble by insinuating nefarious things about the census (ZOMG ACORN) and the next thing you know, some jackass decides to literally lynch a census worker. And yeah, yeah, I know, you’re going to say that we have no idea who did this and why…but I guarantee you that this person wasn’t watching MSNBC and listening to Air America. The last sentence of the article is typical, but laughable.

How many times must people shoot churches or Holocaust museums or hang census workers before we start pointing the blame at the fearmongers in the right-wing media?

To be fair the investigation is still ongoing. Yes, it looks like a lynching, but we shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet.

If it turns out to be a murder then the Glenn Becks of the world will have blood on their hands.

Maybe the sign was just so everybody knew that, before he was hanged, the man was fed.

Geneva convention and all.

Well, fed… strung up… maybe it’s a suicide because he was fed up!

Actually you’re all wrong. The killer was a mad hatter who meant to scrawl “fedoras!” across the man’s chest as an advertisement for his business, but due to his ADD only got the first 3 letters down before wandering off.

No, you’re all wrong. It’s a clever promotion for FedEx: the sign says Fed and it’s scrawled on an Ex-living person.

That’s… weird. Of all the things to rebel against in the modern federal government, the census is actually one of the things that’s legal and constitutional. If you were going to make a statement, you could’ve picked a better one.

Goddamn. I’m going to hope it was either suicide or some sort of killing directed at him and not his position with the Census.

MsRobyn, please be careful out there.

That what would make it terrifying, if it’s really directed at the Census and not a dude who just happened to work for the Census.

Now why would someone be afraid of the census?

Michelle Bachmann has been telling her imbeciles that the census is evil (mainly because she’s in danger of losing her district). I fear we’re going to see more of this kind of thing. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see an ACORN office get firebombed.

On another site, someone suggested that that area is a large pot- and meth-producing region. I haven’t the faintest idea if that is accurate or not. (Plus, that site was Free Republic*, so I’m more than a tad skeptical). Anybody know if that’s true? If so, I could see that – remote area, drug producers, guy asking questions … all adding up to the drug guys issuing a warning to the others.

My money is still on “right wing nut”, but not too much money yet.
*I was there looking at the crazies. They were there, but there were some reasonable comments tossed in as well.

Me, too. Someone found this article. Looks like this is the victim:


Huh. Beat regular cancer, but was killed by Michelle Bachmann, the more unpleasant cancer.

While I think Bachmann is a toad, let’s not lay this poor guy’s body on her doorstep unless it’s verified.

“It’s before my time but I’ve been told
He never came back from Copperhead Road”

This is from a Steve Earle song about a “revenue man” who gets murdered by a moonshiner. The song is sympathetic to the moonshiner. What is your intent in quoting from the song?

Earle is a hardcore leftist, so I doubt that he’s sympathetic to this killer. I seriously doubt that PG is, too, regardless of her politics.

Presumably she just quoted it because the guy was killed in or near Johnson County.

To say that it may well have been done by drug growers. That area is known as a huge marijuana growing area.