Right Wing Political Art-- Explain, please.

I wanted to put this in Cafe Society. I tried-- really, really tried-- to write an even-handed OP, one that was not too insulting to this Dale, a political cartoonist who sells his stuff on his blog. I got as far as, the subjects are totally recognizable. Unlike Jon McNaughton, whose likenesses are so bad he needs roll-over tips to help viewers identify who the fuck it is you are looking at (Gaddafi? I thought that was Della Reese.)

McNaughton also very helpfully explains his stupid symbolism. I did wonder why the soldier in the red beret was crapping and eating at the same time. The tool tip explained that he was celebrating the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” by eating a piece of gay wedding cake. But Dale? What in the fuck is this thing trying to say? I understand the Dale is very angry about the Benghazi cover up. But what do really big onions have to do with it?
And is it me or does this cartoon convey the opposite of what it wants to convey? Obamacare has you covered. It has killed the Unaffordable.

What? I don’t even. . .
Pick one of Dale’s pieces and 'splain it to me, please-- and don’t cop out by typing “angry and confused” over and over again.

Uh… why does Ann Coulter have a “<3 Socialism” tattoo in that picture? (And old man feet? And an impossible yoga pose, and ipecac, and…)

Mitt isn’t a “real” conservative, but that traitorous bitch loves him. She twists herself any way see needs to, she’s not a yoga, she’s a contortionist. Ipecac makes you puke.

Holy shit. That made sense. Well, not real-world sense, but the interpretation did. I applaud you, sir.

… and ipecac suggests she vomits to stay skinny. elucidator’s interpretation is spot on.

The toe tag business is meant to suggest either that Obamacare is dead on arrival, because it’s unaffordable, or that Obamacare will result in deaths because there won’t be adequate funds. Works either way.

The tableau is a grab bag of far right grievances, jammed into one picture. Like most far right resentment, it’s really a frustration with the compromises and complexities of life in an advanced industrial society. Life would be easier to take if there were simple villains and heroes, without explanations that required big words and subtle distinctions. Civilization and its discontents. Obama personifies this because he’s a Democrat, an Ivy Leaguer who uses 20 dollar words, and *he’s black. *

The Obama/Biden picture refers to the Rose Garden speech. Article of faith among the far right that Obama told heinous lies here. So, the garden yields onions, not roses. Something smells bad. The bonus resentment is Michelle telling everyone to eat healthy, and exercise, exemplified by her garden and pro-gardening activism.

This guy has a certain amount of talent as a draftsman, but he’s just not very smart. He’s angry because he’s perplexed by a world that’s beyond his comprehension. Somebody, somehow, has fucked him over and it’s got to be Obama’s fault.

I didn’t know McNaughton had a new picture! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I love looking at his stuff. It’s so awesome/bad.

Oh, wait, this is the pit.

Dale’s obviously [&media=value_posterpaper_matte&context=114445276501626923&ratio=0.6667&drawareaboundingbox=false&drawsafearea=false&view_auto=1.4&realview=113381087925757000&design=369a4069-4e88-4055-a49e-5a29858206ed"]a complete fucking moron](http://rlv.zcache.com/isapi/designall.dll?action=realview&pdt=zazzle_print&pending=false&pid=228857457132166856&rvtype=product&view=113381087925757000&max_dim=1024&bg=dddddd&square_it=true&draw_relative_size=true&size=[24.0000%2C36.0000). :eek:

…But onions are tasty.

Below you did an excellent job of explaining Dale’s body of work and only used ‘angry’ once!

I’m not going to lie, I’d like this one framed. I really like the Art Deco look of it. It’s nicely done. Then you see the message and it’s just so . . . dumb. It’s nice looking and hilarious. Then you realize he’s dead serious, well, times the hilarity multiplies!

This one would have been better as an upskirt :smiley:

I thought it was more of a play on “head over heels,” myself. It’s kind of hard to illustrate that when things like this also qualify as literally being “head over heels.”

Wouldn’t we all really be more surprised if she didn’t?

Hm. I took it as meaning the Obama Admin are brazen liars with really big, you know, onions.

On the other hand, this one made me laugh. I might get that framed.

This is one of those where the ironically-intended message is much less relevant or valid than the plain-and-apparent message.

Stan Kelly is far more consistent (the full explanation helps, too).

The onions are supposed to show that Obama was faking any sorrow he felt over the Benghazi deaths. He wasn’t crying because Americans died, he was crying because of some onions.

Death panels. Obama plans on killing the elderly to save on health care costs.

If you read Dale’s other stuff you’ll see he considered Romney a phony conservative. So he’s denouncing Anne Coulter and other pundits like her that endorsed Romney.

How about this explanation:

“I have only a modest artistic ability, yet I want to make money. So I hit upon the idea of selling badly drawn political cartoons to morons.”