Rihanna's "Russian Roulette"-am I the only one disturbed by this song?

Don’t get me wrong, as far as music and vocals go it’s a great song but I don’t care what anybody says about it being a metaphor, the lyrics still upset me. She has a lot of young fans who are just stupid enough to try it because Rihanna makes it sound cool.

Don’t know the song, but you’re scared that some young people are stupid enough to play a game that involves a 1/6 chance of shooting yourself in the head just because they like the song?

Seriously. I’ve known about the concept since I was about 8. I never tried it, and neither has anyone I know. People just aren’t that stupid. And the ones that are probably should be under permanent surveillance anyway.

Tongue in cheek:
Well, her album IS “Rated R” so hopefully her fans’ll all just be 18 years old before buying that album…

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Well, some people are that stupid.

But that just seems like a problem that will take care of itself…

The problem seems to be the stupidity, not the song.

Some “stupid” people saw The Deer Hunter and did it…

I haven’t heard and have no interest in hearing the song, but Rihianna’s an idiot, so if she has idiot fans who would try it, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Seems like a problem for fans/parents of fans, not artists.

So is the song about shooting yourself, or is it a metaphor for some kind of dangerous behavior? Because I don’t give a good damn about Rihanna, but I do care about metaphors. Comparing one thing to another is not the same as encouraging anybody to do take an action.

Well, even if it is encouraging them, how can we insulate these people from every single misadventurous suggestions. I don’t think we can. I’m not even slightly sure we should.

I’m pretty sure I heard an interview where she explains it’s not about actually shooting yourself. More of a metaphor of being in a relationship with an a-hole.

I am not an advocate of Russian Roulette, even among the stupidest segment of society, because I believe very firmly in gun safety. Therefore, I think those who listen to this song and feel the urge to take their own lives because of it should hang themselves instead.

Hottest idiot I’ve ever seen. :smiley:

Come to think of it, a lot of really hot people are idiots. Oh well, everybody needs a purpose right?

I’m disturbed by it in the sense that it’s over dramatic, whiny dreck sung in Rihanna’s braying ass of a voice. But to address what the OP is getting at, no I don’t think it would engourage anyone to take their own life. As was already mentioned, it’s not literally about suicide and I’m not sure many people would take it as such.

I’m failing to see the problem if a bunch of stupid, impressionable Rihanna fans decide to off themselves.

Here are the lyrics. Basically the song is about a girl who is being cajoled into playing Russian Roulette by her boyfriend, who’s a frequent player, I guess. It’s not a bad metaphor for a manipulative relationships, but she doesn’t execute it well. And it’s very melodramatic.

I’m not saying we can or should, I just wanted to get an answer on what the song is about first. Having read the lyrics I don’t think we can even call this a suggestion. Maybe total morons would misunderstand it but given what the entire world knows about Rihanna’s life, I don’t think there’s much to worry about even from the morons.

Or, if a surer bet is desired, they could play Russian Roulette with a semiautomatic

I think my answer is ‘yes’. I apparently am the only one disturbed. What bothers me most is the lyric “I know that I must pass this test” because it makes me want to scream that this is not a test that anybody actually needs to take. I still think it glamorizes Russian Roulette and if The Deer Hunter could inspire people to try it than this song certainly can.

I too hate pop stars doing covers of Hot Water Music songs…errr, wait, I’ll come in again.