RikWriter is a stupid, pathetic, miserable coward

It’s long past time for me to pit RikWriter. He (I presume male gender) posts his dumbass right-wing political and social judgments in Cafe Society as if it were GD. Almost always an unsupported hit-and-run asservation – like Clothahump, only worse. He never backs up his positions with anything but meaningless repetition, and you if you call him on it he’ll slink away. And he never, ever dares to stick his nose into GD. He’s a totally irresponsible intellectual coward. A heckler minus the dignity.

Put up or shut up, Rik. Quit posting about things you obviously know nothing about.

Do we have a cite for this, or is it just a general rant?

Ya want me to link to every CS thread where both Rik and I have posted? (We’ve never faced off in any other forum, despite my repeated challenges/invitations.)

Well, there was [url=]http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=276823this Pit thread in 2004 – but it started in CS.

No, I don’t want you to link to every thread that you’ve both posted to. But one, two, or a half dozen example threads for me to read will make me a lot more likely to agree with you, rather than decide you are just being whiny.

Sorry, this Pit thread.

But I didn’t really start to get fed up with the creep until this thread.

Here’s a couple more:

Um, sweetie? Why the hell would you start that sort of thing anywhere other than the pit? That’s pure dumbass left-wing political and social judgments in Cafe Society by you! Not to mention that it was two years ago!

Got anything recent?

The V-for-Vendetta thread ranks a big “meh.” from me. He certainly wasn’t the only one making political hay out of a political movie - though by virtue of being the first response, he was indeed first.

I remain unconvinced.

Still political threads started by someone else. The left-wing OPs are OK, but the right-wing responses aren’t?

Bored now.

Would be OK – if he could back them up. If he would even try.

You have much to learn about grabbing and holding your audience, BrainGlutton.

It’s Cafe Society–he doesn’t have to back them up.

RikWriter and I had a nice back-and-forth going not too long ago.

So, yeah. I understand your frustration with dude 'cuz he had me going, too.

But that’s my point. He pops into CS, posts you’re-full-of-shit political statements of the kind that belong in GD, then can’t or won’t answer when called on them. It’s like charging into someone else’s fight, throwing a random punch – slap, really – and running away. Over and over and over.

I disagree with that entirely. CS is a debate board, and you can’t have a debate if there’s nothing presented that you can argue against. “That was a good movie,” isn’t a debatable position. It’s pure opinion with no support, and as such, a rhetorical dead-end. Obviously, any posting about the quality of a movie (or any other work of art) is going to be purely opinion, but if one presents an opinion and the reasoning behind that opinion, other people can engage your arguments and you can get some sort of a fruitful discussion out of it. RikWriter very, very rarely does this. The bulk of his posts are little more eloquent than, “You’re wrong.” Which is useless enough on its own, but when posted as a “rebuttal” to a carefully considered and argued opinion, it’s frustrating and slightly insulting. Although in fairness, RikWriter does it so regularly and so predictably, that it’s almost funny. Anytime anyone says something bad about the Lord of the Rings movies, or Saving Private Ryan, he’s almost guaranteed to pop up with a one-sentence post informing the poster that their opinion on the movie is somehow factually incorrect. He’s like Bloody Mary. Say, “Peter Jackson is a hack,” three times to a mirror in a darkened room, and he’ll appear!

Except, at least in the links you posted, it seems to always be in threads that began a heavily political. It’s not the same as jumping into a “Whatcha reading?” thread and attacking other people’s choices as being part of the liberal conspiracy.

I agree that the fact that he doesn’t take it to GD enoucrages one to question whether he has the courage of his convictions. But,l IMHO at least, it’s weak behavior but not really pittable.

Again, I think it’s more pathetic that pittable. and if there are that many posts of such a type, I wish the OP had dug them up rather than five posts in four years, all of which are regarding political opinions, not artistic ones. And if someone isn’t annoying enough to be worth digging up more threads, they aren’t annoying enough to pit.

I don’t go into GD much (or at least don’t post there much) because I don’t, frankly, want to do the research to really hold my own there. I don’t have the passion for it. You can’t expect to make any throw away comment in there and not be prepared to defend it or concede the point–and I respect that even if I don’t like to play. I think that CS and IMHO have a higher tolerance for flippant remarks and throw-away comments–especially when they are veering off topic.

I do think that threads fulll of reasoned opinions in CS or IMHO are vastly more interesting, and I tend to lightly skim over the others–which may be why I’ve never really noticed RikWriter. But from the links provided, I don’t see that what he does is any worse than the people that post a 20 item unannotated list in a “favorites” thread or “Saw it. Wasn’t thrilled. Popcorn was ok” post in a movie thread. It’s pointless, it doesn’t add anything, it makes him look silly, but it’s not like doing the same thing in GD.

This, BTW, is the one where we’ve been going at it most recently.

As far as I can tell, RikWriter made a casual, off-the-cuff, dismissive comment and you jumped all over him, derailing the thread. And you don’t even agree with the post about which the comment was made! Sadly, I am forced to conclude that the behavior in question, while obviously annoying to you, is a little low on the outrage level. Your posts in that thread come a lot closer to explaining why you don’t like him than your posts in this thread do.

Bite me, BG. You want to pick a fight with Rik, go ahead. Leave me out of your stupidity while you do it.