Well yeh I am a pretty salty and spicey old cuss,but. The granddaughter just turned one and I find my knowledge of nursery rhymes is rusty.1. Who were the cow, the moon, the lil dog ,the dish, and the spoon tthat Queen Elizabeth fiddled with?
2.Who were the three mice whose ‘tails’ she cut off. i think one of um was Jack Hawkins, did Sir Walter Raleigh go to the block too? Or did he die o lung cancer?
3. Who was the king( prince?) that died in a joust when a lance splintered and pierced his eye thru the vision slit in his helm? What is the rhyme for that? I only know it as a riddle’If he hadn’t wanted to see,alive and breathing he still would be.’
4. What’s the one about two look arounders blah blah blah four dilly danglers.That ones got me cowed
5. Did richard III really have a horse named ‘Wall?’ stupid name for a horse. Would shakespeare be what he is today with a line like 'Here Wall, where are ya boy? here Wall, come on Wall." course in the din of battle 'My kingdom for Wall" might have been misheard and every body envolved would have thot Dick had been over come with the spirit of democracy " My Kingdom for all" and they’d all have come over to his side. Thas all for now i’ll disremember some more in a while.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

IIRC, Wally did go to the block, but it was Jimmy Stuart who ended Walt’s wonderful life. No one cloaked a puddle for him and he was miffed. Wally miffed his head when it was gone.

After a careful search of the Richard III Society page (http://www.r3.org), I am forced to conclude that if he did have a horse named Wall, the Society doesn’t know about it – and they seem to have most of the relevant contemporary sources on file. What is your source for this tidbit of information?

Make sure you are securly in your seat,O Fretful one, I took this with a pound of salt, it was totally off the wall.According to this theory,Richy the Royal was known as The EGG due to his unfortunate deformaty ( did the society say any thing about that? I hate careful searches.That’s what this board is for) When he fell off his horse, he was hacked to bits and could not be reassembled.In case you’ve ever wondered how a HORSE was able to put anything together horse means horseMEN and men means Infantry.
(BTW did you know the original insult was 'YOU Richard cranium" source for this is ‘mr john’s book of true and authoritative wisdom.’)

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx