Rimworld: old west meets sci-fi

I’ve been playing Rimworld recently. It’s currently in alpha but very playable.

The concept of the game is you’re in charge of colonists who crash land on a planet. You give them tasks, such a growing plants, taming animals, hunting, etc. There’s a lot of options. If someone raids your base you can harvest their organs and sell them on the black market or you can resort to cannibalism.

The RNG gods are angry, sometimes, so you can get royally screwed. I lost a game because a hare went rabid, took out my doctor, he went rabid and took out my best hunter, then I got raided and a fire spread. I get tinges of FTL.

I found the game after watching Quill18’s playthrough.

Definitely sounds like a bad hare day.

Yeah I’ve been enjoying Quill18’s playthrough too. Haven’t got the game yet.


Looks awesome. Wonder why I haven’t heard of it before.

I have been playing for a few months. It is still in Alpha, but extremely playable, and it keeps getting better. I got attacked by a hoard of rabid warthogs yesterday. Like 40 of them. Luckily my base is almost entirely inside a mountain(protection from acid rain, and flash storms). I just hung out indoors until my automatic gun emplacements took them out, but they destroyed several guns. I have also been out hunting deer, and the deer get pissed and chase me back to my base.


The game has just been released on Steam. It’s still in Early Access but it’s immensely playable, has tons of mods (which the develop supports), and only keeps getting better.

I bought Rimworld on Friday. I’m now about 30 hours of playtime on it. It is a great big pile o’fun. The game, as is, feels pretty complete. I do wish there was a multi-generational aspect to the colony but this is a pretty minor quibble. The game is very challenging on the higher difficulties levels, but it never feels unfair. Perhaps a bit random in some cases, e.g. the rabid rabbit mentioned above, but I always feel like I have the tools to handle a problem and failure happens because I either didn’t plan for it, or I mismanage it.

I just started playing. Had a rabid turtle and now an immigrant picked a fight with one of the original three then tended to her wounds.

You should build a wall.

Had to abandon that colony due to poor food planning. New colony won’t need to worry about food for a good while but is short on building materials. On the plus side, they recently dismantled some sterling silver walls.

I’ve found it impossible to get a reliable food situation worked out when i start with the lost tribe scenario. The 200+ pemmicans they give you actually only last a meal or two, they are gone way before i can set up a good hunting/butchering/ cooking system or any growth operations.

Yeah, tried a tribe once. They’d be more viable if there were production options for their tech level (e.g.: cooking and butchering stations that are 100% wood).

The mod called CorePanda adds a furnace that can be constructed from any metal or rock. I wonder if it can used to bake potatoes.

Conduits can explode! Good thing it was under grass rather than a wood floor.

Found a nice mod in the Steam Workshop that should help with the vanilla tribe start. It adds a quarry to the Production menu and only needs (IIRC) 70 units of wood. My colonists have built one; the output is pretty random but it can put out small quantities of steel. Also gold, quartz, plasteel, etc.

Looks a bit like Dwarf Fortress. True?

It’s very much a Dwarf Fortress Lite. Except with some actual game design.

The developer describes it as Dwarf Fortress meets “Firefly”.

I have been playing the hell outof this, its quite challenging even at basic levels.

The most annoying thing in my opinion is that colonists will happily kill each other trying to shoot a raider or animal moving between them. Lost one of my best all around colonists to a not so friendly fire incident that left her permanently brain damaged and no longer able to do anything but lay in bed.