Rimworld: old west meets sci-fi

Part of me scoffs at the idea of buying DLC for a game with such a robust modding community that there’s no way I’ll ever work through the content. The other part of me then points out that I have played a whole hell of a lot of Rimworld and throwing the devs a little more money wouldn’t be the worst idea.

I’ll pick it up eventually I’m sure.

The number of hours I have put into this game versus the cost makes it one of my best value-for-dollar purchases of all time. I bought the original game before steam release, and also bought the DLC direct from ludeon (which gets you a drm-free copy, as well as a steam key).

Spam reported (I think - got an error).

Well, some helpful advice:

If you are a peaceful person, do NOT accept any quest in which Mechanoid Clusters will be involved.

If you aren’t a peaceful person, don’t accept any quests with Mechanoid Clusters until you are well-armed and well-armored.

Holy shit. They are ROUGH. They drop from the sky in cargo pods, and build ridiculously defended positions, surrounded by barricades, with randomly assorted other items:

  • Mechanoids themselves
  • Mechanoid building factory things that construct new mechanoids
  • Turrets, turrets, turrets… and more turrets
  • Shield generators
  • Proximity detectors

Everything (in my experience so far, anyway) arrives in a dormant state. If they have proximity detectors, it will all awaken when you get close. Otherwise, they usually also drop with a timer which will also awaken things after so much time has elapsed. Barring that, they will all awaken as soon as you attack anything in the cluster.

The freaking mortar tore holes in my base almost immediately. I was not far along in tech, so I was attacking with some standard rifles and pistols, and had a group of four champions of the Empire to assist, who all came with shield belts and awesome weapons… but melee only. First mechanoid cluster killed two of the champions and injured the others. Second wiped out the rest, and most of my colony.

One of these days, I’ll have a colony survive more than a couple of years…

I recently got back into this. Went through all my downloaded mods, removing incompatible ones and adding some new ones. Finding that some mods don’t play nice with the world generation for whatever reason, weeded out those that do.

I’ve just found the reason behind the space issue on my C: drive – RimWorld’s player.log file insists on taking all available free space!

Now to see what I can do about that…

Google search results suggest that an infinite loop is created by one of my many mods upon game exit. I really don’t feel like finding which mod it is, maybe if I use Task Manager to force close whenever I want to exit…

Huh. Evidently I disabled that mod, whichever one it was, while trying to get my game to run smoother.

My favorite colony so far.

Everything around a center courtyard had not been planned, it just worked out that way. The hospital/recreation area are in ruins which were discovered when the cave system opened up while digging out the guest rooms on the right side of the courtyard. The vast majority of my pawns are androids, which is why there are so few beds compared to the population.

Thought I lost the colony when my game crashed last night and reloading brought up everything as unexplored. Not sure what I did to fix it and get the save back.

Piggy-backing on this new post to let folks know version 1.3 is imminent: it is free, should be released within a couple of weeks, and Steam users can opt-in to the beta right now.

Along with the free 1.3 there is a new DLC, Ideology, that adds social and customs/rituals features, that will also be available soon.

I’ve been playing the 1.3 beta, mostly trying out the new way that farm animals like cows and horses are handled. There are now fences, which are NECESSARY to keep those types of animals (cows, chickens, horses, etc. but not dogs, for example) from wandering off permanently. There is also new straw bedding and a few other related features. While I personally prefer my horses be free-wandering (so they can help with hauling duties), overall I like the change.

Something strange has happened to my game. Wild animals have started hauling things and the game is now running painfully slow; I’m guessing these are related. I first noticed this when starting a new colony and now the same thing happened to my android colony. I guess some mod is doing this but I haven’t added any animal or hauling mod recently.

Crap. Game crashed and now my saves are borked again!

At least a save from just before that screen capture still works. Maybe it will continue to work without crashing after I disable some mods.

I’ve definitely been enjoying 1.3, although it’s drastically changing how I handle animals.

I posted something in another thread that’s more appropriate for here:

I’ve found an amazing starting location if anyone wants to try: Use “green” as your seed, and find 18.21 north, 5.79 east. It’s a mountain map with plenty of beautiful marble (for keeping your folks happy) and granite (for tough defenses). The middle of the map is a large open field, bordered to the west by a river and on all other sides by thick mountains, with only a single non-aquatic entry point. And a huge chunk of the land in the field is rich soil, excellent for growing crops on.

1.3 goes live Tuesday. The latest news from Ludeon contains instructions on how to remain on 1.2 while waiting for your Steam mods to catch up: Right click RimWorld in the Steam library, click Properties, then on the Betas tab select the branch called version-1.2.

I give up. Everything was fine when I saved and went to bed, now all my saved games’ world maps have gone to shit!

Imma wait for the mods I use to catch up to 1.3 then start a new colony.

I traditionally use about 8 mods. So far, about half have released 1.3-compatible versions, plus I picked up a couple of new ones (Wall Lights, which is absolutely fantastic - really appeals to the “organized” side of me; and some “fridge” mod, but the pawns don’t actually seem to take meals from it, so unsure of its utility).

There are some alternatives to some I rely on, like edb Prepare Carefully, but hopefully they’ll catch up.

Aside from Prepare Carefully and Prepare Landing, the mods I currently use tend to focus on floors, furniture, flora/fauna/biomes, races, and events.

Virtually all the weapon & armor mods I had been using have been disabled to see if performance improves. I had been using so many mods on my desktop that my tablet refused to load 'em all. Now both have the same list.

No telling when/if authors will update the mods I use to 1.3; I’ve decided to start a new colony in 1.2 and will try not to get too attached in case something goes wrong. I’ve noticed that the game loads quicker and has fewer red lines in the log without all those weapon & armor mods.

I now have a group of androids in a mountainous jungle urban ruin biome with a river and caves.

I’m still on 1.2 for now and stopped playing my android colony, at least for the time being. Those androids don’t really sleep so an entire colony of them is too much like God Mode.

I’ve been playing a ten pawn New Arrivals colony, this one only has two of those androids. We took in a Gerzee who had a small addiction to royal insect jelly; she eventually went into withdrawal.

I had no idea that a pawn in royal insect jelly withdrawal could transform into a megaspider. At least the megaspider isn’t hostile.

How do they dream of electric sheep then?