Ring Etiquette

Like most girls, I love rings. But how many would be considered tacky? Is there any “ring etiquette” I should know and abide by? I’m not married, although I have two promise rings (ha!). I wear those on my ring fingers. When I get a real engagement ring or wedding ring is it inappropriate to wear another ring on my other ring finger?

Also… Do girls normally get a ring for engagement and a wedding ring? Or do most add onto the engagement ring for the wedding, like a two piece ring? If there were two rings, would you wear the engagement ring on your right ring finger- or just put it away?

I don’t know of any official etiquette rules on rings. I have seen rules for jewelry in the workplace, though, that have a limit of one ring on each hand. That seems conservative, but reasonable, IMHO.

My wedding ring is a swirly gold band, worn on my left ring ringer. I wear my engagement ring, which is actually an anniversary band, on my right ring finger, and I added a little emerald birthstone ring that was a gift from Mr. S last year on my right middle finger. Any more rings and I would start to feel tacky. And IMHO, more than one ring on a finger (excluding a wedding/engagement set or perhaps a stacking ring set) is definitely too much. YMMV, etc.

The only actual “rules” regarding rings that I know about is that only an engagement or wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand - if you’re not married or engaged, then that finger is bare.

Assuming the person has both (an engagement and wedding ring) the wedding ring goes on first (closest to the heart) and the engagement ring goes on second. There are some jewelers that will weld the engagement and wedding rings together, should that be helpful.

Other than that, I’ve heard nothing. Generally I wear one ring per hand, although occasionally 2 - one on my middle finger, one on my index finger. However, I’m a fan of large, sterling silver “wanna-be-lesbo*” rings, so YMMV.
*This is what I’ve heard them refered to on this very site, so no one needs to be getting snarky at me for the name - I didn’t come up with it, just using it so people know what I’m talking about.

I believe most engagement rings and wedding rings are sold as a set, although the wedding ring may be designed to fit around the engagement ring. You wear them both together.

I have my wedding ring on my left hand, a blue star sapphire ring I bought myself in college on my right ring finger, and a blue teddy bear ring I got from my daughter for Christmas on my right middle finger.

I also have two ankle bracelets and two toe rings. As far as “too many” I think it depends on what you do for a living. If you’re working in some funky New Age store, load up multiple rings on all fingers. If you’re in an office, discreet would be better. And if you’re working with heavy machinery…don’t wear any at all, unless you want to lose a finger or two. :eek:

:confused: I’ve never heard of such a thing. Where did this come from? If you subscribe to this “rule” do you believe the converse also holds true–that a person who has no rings on that finger is neither married nor engaged?

I’ve never heard of any rules regarding “ring etiquette,” beyond that engagement and wedding rings, if they’re worn, are usually worn on the left ring finger. If both are worn, the wedding ring is worn on the inside, whether they’re a matched set or two separate rings.

Oh, and traditional Jewish custom holds that the wedding ring used in the ceremony should be a plain band without stones. But that’s what you’re asking.
As far as what girls “normally” get for an engagment ring–who the hell knows. Television advertisements try to convince you that a diamond solitaire is a must for an engagment, but most people I personally know opted for something different or nothing at all. Like many people here, I boycott diamonds, and we had better things to spend our money on than jewelry. My husband and I had matching silver rings for engagement rings, and plain gold bands for wedding rings, which we don’t bother to wear anymore.

As far as how many rings to wear on each hand–if you’re going for a traditional/conservative look, then only one on each hand. You can wear more if you like, but you run the risk of starting to look like Mr. T or a gypsy fortune teller. In most cases, you’re probably safe with two on each hand, provided one of them isn’t too flashy.

You’re supposed to wear it on a chain around your neck, then travel on foot through a barren wasteland and drop it into a volcano.

I wear my wedding band ($50 bucks for the pair from WallyFart) on my left ring finger, with my engagement ring (purchased at a pawn shop). The only other ring I have is an amethyst solitaire that used to belong to my great-grandmother; I wear it on my right ring finger. I don’t know that there is any hard-and-fast ettiquette for rings; I figure you wear what you like, where you like it.

Although my co-worker who wears a ring on each finger, each one no smaller than 3 carats of gen-u-wyne cubic zirconia, may be going a little overboard.

My wedding and engagement rings are on my left ring finger. My engagement ring is a $40 sterling silver amethyst and CZ ring. I wanted that one, he didn’t get it because he was cheap, but because I pointed it out and made him get it for me. My wedding ring is titanium with a purple cutout band around it, on the same finger. My wedding ring is on the outermost part of my finger, because otherwise my engagement ring is just a smidge too loose to wear comfortably.

I don’t know or don’t care of ring rules, I wear my rings how they feel comfortable.

I think the general accessory advice my grandmother gave me applies to rings, as well:

Same with art: always stop yourself just before the “one last thing”.

I ware two on each hand -

Left Hand: a clydagh (?sp) pinky ring and a two stone opal ring on my ring finger.

Right Hand: Another opal ring on my middle finger and a Black Hills Gold band with a leaf design on my ring finger.

None of them get in the way (I do office work) and are not so big as to be flashy. Besides I always get compliments on my opals!

Wear as many rings as you like on whatever fingers you’re comfortable with (a friend of mine wears one on her thumb).

I think it goes without saying, but whatever makes you happy. Obviously, be appropriate for whatever situation you are in, but that’s the only rule.

I bought myself a lovely gold and peradot ring for my birthday (which I have since lost :frowning: ) which I wear on my left, ring finger. The benefit of this is that creepy guys don’t hit on me because they think I’m engaged :smiley: .

Unless you’re hopelessly conservative (in dress) like me. If I took one piece of jewelry off, I’d be wearing no jewelry at all.

I think what’s appropriate as far as the number of rings really varies based on how flashy the rings are. I had a doctor who wore tons of really big rings with flashy stones, and it looked like she was desperate to call attention to herself. It also looked oddly unprofessional.

On the other hand (ha ha!), I know a girl with very beautiful long, slender hands who wears multiple rings every day. They are very thin gold bands, some with tiny stones and some engraved. They are stacked (multiple rings on the same finger). It looks tasteful, understated, and quite lovely.

I think the only answer is to look at how your respected colleagues dress, and get an idea of what’s considered appropriate for your workplace. In the outside world, “tacky” is a point of view. In my opinion, everyone’s entitled to their own personal style. Some people will like it, and others won’t.

I think most people, though, would think that wearing a ring on your right hand, in addition to a wedding band/engagement ring set, wouldn’t be excessive.

You mean a claddagh ring? Two hands cradling a heart between them?

Yeppers. But you’ll note that I put “rule” in quotes - just because this is how it’s traditionally been done, doesn’t mean anyone has to do it. It may be a WASP thing - I have rather WASPy relatives. (I, myself, am not a wasp.)

Further, you should note that I wear silver lesbian rings even though I’m not a lesbian, so everything I say should probably be disregarded. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if we’re running into another “Canadian custom vs. U.S. custom” thing here (like taking your shoes off inside), but I also thought it was a common custom in North America that only married/engaged people wore rings on their left ring finger.

My opinion on rings - wedding band/engagement ring on left ring finger, one or two rings on other hand is plenty. More than that just seems like too many, but it is no big deal if people want to wear whatever they want to wear.

Also, and more importantly, necklace or dangly earrings, but not both.

Oops. I wear my college ring on my left ring finger and a diamond solitare (a family thing, passed down from a relative) on the right ring finger since I’m not engaged/married. I wouldn’t want the diamond on the left hand because that would give the wrong impression, but I don’t want to not wear the college ring so that’s the solution I came up with. I don’t think anyone gets confused by the college ring and wonders whether I’m married or not.

To the OP, obviously I’m of the mindset that as long as it looks good to you, is tasteful given where you’re wearing it, and is appropriate/safe (i.e. no rings in a factory as previously mentioned), wear whatever you want.

Useless IMHO:

Wearing but a single ring and having it on one of the index fingers just floats my boat. I have no idea why.
Otherwise, I have nothing worthwhile to add, other than lots of rings vs. few rings isn’t an issue for me.

My engagement ring and wedding band came as a set that…nestle together (for lack of a better description). When* I wear them, I wear them on the ring finger of my left hand. On the ring finger of my right hand, I usually wear a silver band sculpted with a floral motif. This was my handfasting ring, and I wear it because it’s another reminder of the commitment Stonebow and I share, plus it recalls an absolutely hilarious cluster-fuck-of-an-attempt at handfasting. Suffice it to say, we did draw blood, but via punctures (with a knife!) instead of cuts. Fun times…fun times.

In addition to those two rings, I occasionally wear my gold Great Serpent ring on my right, middle finger. It proudly proclaims me for the lame geek-fan I am.

I also have dozens of other rings in amber, aquamarine, diamond, gold, silver, and such given to me by grandmothers, my mother, and my husband. I interchange these out depending on what I’m wearing or the event, but I seldom go over two rings on each hand.

*When…because I’m often wrist deep in glue, paste, or paint.

I wear two rings…an engagement ring on the ring finger of my left hand (to be joined by a wedding band in September), and my 21st birthday present from my parents on my right middle finger. In hospital the rings are looped through the string on my ID badge or put on my watch strap.

I only wear those two pieces of jewelry and a watch on a regular basis. I may add a necklace or earrings to go with an outfit on a special occasion, and I may take the ring from my parents off if it didn’t match what I’m wearing…but the engagement ring stays on.

I personally feel that ONE really beautiful statement ring has a lot more of an impact than LOTS of big statement rings, while lots of smaller, simpler rings can look stunning. IMHO if your hands aren’t your best feature perhaps drawing attention to them at all isn’t a good idea.

The right ring finger is a good place to wear engagement rings handed down through your family, or for someone whose fiance died before the wedding, as long as they now consider themselves single. In that particular case it can be kept on the left ring finger for whatever the bereaved considers an appropriate period of mourning. Of course, in some cultures the wedding and engagement rings are worn on the right hand.