RIP Autolycus

I just got word that Autolycus passed away unexpectedly this morning. I don’t have any details.

Here’s to you, John. :frowning:

But . . .

Oh, hell. He was a neat guy. I liked him.

What?! What happened? I’m sorry for his family…

Wow. I just did a double-take when I saw this thread title. So very sorry to hear this.

My first thought was that this HAD to be a joke.

I can’t believe this…he was so young! I’ll miss him very much. :frowning:

Do we know what happened yet? I haven’t seen anything on his facebook page saying how he died.



What the #$?!!! Oh man! I’m so sorry!

Oh no. Goddammit.

Aw, man, this is terrible news! I can hardly believe it! A young, funny guy and one of my favorite posters. What a shame!

RIP indeed, Auto!


Is this some kind of joke? :frowning:

This is just horrible news.

But…is this confirmed?

Oh, no … :frowning:

Dear God, he was just posting a few days ago. That sucks.

Sympathies to his family! :frowning:

That’s terrible. I’ll really miss his posts.

His profile says he was active last night at 11 pm. Damn.

28 really is too young.
I ws wondering a few days ago: When people only know each other from online contact, what are the ways in which they learn of each other’s death?

I’ll post updates as I get them. I’m seriously hoping that this is a joke, but it came from his best friend, who I don’t think would make that kind of a joke.

I feel especially for his parents, who are also good friends of mine. He was an only child.

I sent a message to his father, but haven’t heard back yet.

Please give my condolences to his family for me.