RIP Buffin

Dale “Buffin” Griffin, drummer for Mott the Hoople, died Jan 17.

While he was hardly a big star, Mott the Hoople put out at least one classic album, and a couple of others that were pretty damn good.

Griffin tried to get the group together after it broke up and finally succeeded in 2009. By then, though, he was too sick (Alzheimer’s) to perform.

I was joking the other day that God had put together three-quarters of a pretty tight rock band in the span of just a few weeks, between David Bowie (vocals), Glenn Frey (guitar) and Lemmy (bass). I said that all famous drummers probably needed to watch out. I guess God decided that he wanted his new band ready NOW.

Sorry to hear this. Mott the Hoople was one of my favorite bands back in the day (it still is, actually).