RIP Captain Lou Albano

He was 76. Story here.

RIP Cyndi’s fake dad.

Good bye Captain Lou.

Goodbye, Captain Lou. I’ll always remember him as one of the figures of the Rock n’ Wrestling craze of the 80’s.

I remember Captain Lou as the cowardly heel manager of The Wild Samoans, The Moondogs, and Fuji & Saito, to name a few. He was a great mouthpiece in the day, and in all the backstage newsletters and shoot interviews, never have I heard a bad word said about Captain Lou. I remember being upset once he became a good guy, because he was so good as a bad guy.

Now, how long before the NY Post’s Phil Mushnick blames this “wrestling death” on Vince McMahon and WWE? Any death of anyone who’s ever wrestled even one match, even if it is of a 76 year old man who lived a fulfilling life, is McMahon’s fault, according to Mushnick.

Oh man… another piece of my youth gone.

So long, Cap’n.

Oh daddy dear you know you’re still number one

RIP, Captain Lou.

I used to live in the same townhome community (in Cross River, NY) as Lou Albano. Had no idea who he was, but my husband did.

He also played and voiced Mario for the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

His brother taught with my mom. Lou was a good guy, by all accounts.

It’s almost sad the memory the most people will have of him is… “Do the Mario.”

Farewell, paisano! :frowning:

Until next time, everybody…Do the Mario!

Thank you, Mr. Acavano!
And rest in peace.

See, I didn’t get into wrestling until he’d already turned face, so I mainly remember him as manager of the British Bulldogs, George the Animal Steele, and the Machines (and much later the Headshrinkers). Still, I thought he was great, and will miss him.

Although this wasn’t his high point.

I have a Neil Cierciga (sp?) animation featuring this song.

RIP, Captain.

Do the Mario!

Captain Lou’s Steady Decent into Madness

There it is!

I loved the rubberband in his beard.

I always wonder if the LU in She Bop was a subtle reference to Lou

I actually learned of this by watching the weirdest show i have ever seen, called Regis and Kelly. Wo.

He had some family and business ties in my home town. I met him on the street and he was very cordial and gave me his autograph. He had the rubber band in his beard that day.