RIP Chad Everett

Dead of lung cancer at 75.

And here I thought he was killed by Grasshopperus when he tried to reason with it.

The Medical Center guy died? That was one of the last doctor shows I remember watching as a kid. Marcus Welby and Medical Center were our favorites for years.

R.I.P. Dr. Joe Gannon You’re with Dr. Marcus Welby now.

Medical Center was well past my bedtime when it was on. RIP

Loved him. He did not look 75.

My hubby, who is fond of Skinemax, says he was in one he saw last year-- and looked incredibly good in it. According to him that saw it, there were softcore scenes but Chad wasn’t in any of them.

He is the first actor I remember having a crush on. I barely remember Medical Center but I do remember thinking Dr. Gannon should be my husband when I grew up.

He really did age magnificently.

It’s been a bad year for my childhood memories.


He was great on Supernatural playing an aged Dean Winchester.

Dang, another Mulholland Dr. actor dead. Great movie to have on ones IMDb page.

RIP, Chad. I just heard. :frowning:

My family used to watch Medical Center every week.

I used to own this musical masterpiece, but I admit that I bought it ironically 10 years after it came out.

I stumbled upon the movie *First to Fight *on TV a while ago. For a B movie I thought it was pretty good. I think it was inspired by John Basilone in WWII but obviously diverges from history after the beginning. Chad Everett plays a Marine on Guadicanal. He mans a .30 cal machine gun and holds off a charge by the Japanese and is awarded the Medal of Honor. He goes back to the states on a war bond tour. Unlike Basilone he accepts a comission (Basilone turned it down). He of course falls in love. He asks to return to combat but finds he is now wracked with doubt and fear because of what he has left behind. A good movie not great but it does contain Gene Hackman’s first decent sized movie role. Worth checking out for that.

She was truly a great tennis player.

I was too young to know him during his prime, but if anyone has seen the fantastic documentary, “How’s Your News?”, one of the guys - Ron - being followed for the movie is completely obsessed with Chad Everett. Here’s a video clip of him getting to meet his idol for the first time. It’s pretty great. If you haven’t seen the doc, I highly recommend it.

Sadly, Ron passed away a year or two ago himself - but at least he didn’t have to deal with losing his idol.

I hope this is a whoosh.