RIP - Dan Hicks

At least three great LPs in the 70s: Striking it Rich, Last Train to Hicksville, and Where’s The Money.

Wit, melody, chicks singing BG, and lead occasionally. He was one of the true lost originals.

A walking one and only! RIP. :frowning:

I’ve been a huge fan of his since 1971. He should have been designated a Living National Treasure.

Damn. Beatin’ the Heat is one of my favorite albums. It’s got guest shots by Tom Waites, Bette Midler, Brian Setzer, Costello, and Rickie Lee Jones… and no one’s talent is wasted. An album solid from start to end.

And Dan was funny, especially in concert. Damn.

I actually got into Dan Hicks by way of Thomas Dolby, who covered “I Scare Myself” on his “The Flat Earth” album. Was lucky enough to see him in concert a couple of times (both times with a huge thunderstorm raging outside). Fantastic musician and entertainer. R.I.P. Dan.