RiP Fast Eddie Clarke of Motörhead

…and I think we have a new winner for the title of Most recently formed band with no surviving members of the classic lineup.

Motörhead formed 1975, a year or two after the Ramones.

Damn, you were great. Bye, Eddie!

Fuck me. RIP Eddie; you totally fucking rocked!

RIP. And the original trio is reunited. (I believe Mikkey Dee said that.)

Say What You Will is still one of the rockingest songs ever. Thanks Eddie!

Dah! - dah - dah


My brother was the big fan, but I grew up with this staff. Killed by death huh? So long Motorhead*

  • how to do the umlaut?

Read 'em and weep- the Dead Man’s Hand again.

There’s also Emerson, Lake & Powell (1986), for certain values of “classic”. Hey, I liked 'em.

Typo Negative already posted Fastway, so here’s a Motörhead song with Fast Eddie singing: “Step Down” (live in Nottingham)

Also here’s a bonus video, since I spaced on posting in the Ray Thomas thread: “Veteran Cosmic Rocker”