RIP Jessica Walter

Man she was funny, loved her in Arrested and Archer.

She was a classic, as was this line:

Cheers, Mallory. May you and Duchess frolic forever.

Oh wow, that’s awful. What a memorable actor. RIP.

She was another great actress like the recently-passed Cloris Leachman who didn’t seem to take herself seriously and was a key player for those roles that needed a classy, stuffy yet comedic older woman. I really admire that in an actress. She will be missed!

I was looking at what she was in. She played the ex-wife of Jack Gallo, played by George Segal, on Just Shoot Me.

First Woodhouse, now Mallory? Oy, Archer is not going to take this well.

RIP Ms. Walter. You were perfect in both Archer and in AD, two of my all time favorite shows. You will be missed.

Play Misty for me.

Play Misty for Me (1971) - Breakup Freakout Scene (2/10) | Movieclips - YouTube

Had a crush on her since Grand Prix (1966) when I was about 10.

Same here. She was one of those cool, intelligent, sexy brunettes that I fell in love with instantly. Of course, then she tried to kill Clint Eastwood in Play Misty for Me and scared me for a decade until she started doing comedy.

I’m trying to find a clip of Jessica as Mrs. Latham, trying to seduce Leonard on The Big Bang Theory.

“Ever wonder why a rich man like that would marry someone like me?”
“Well think about it. I’m that good.”
“Oh, what the hell.”

Sorry to hear this. She was pretty hot and smart. Quite the combination.

“I’ll be in the hospital bar”

My favorite bit is how long she laughs to herself as she walks away.

She was perfect doing just that in PCU. And I well remember her in Play Misty for Me. She could handle comedy and drama, and she will indeed be missed.

Leaving out a bottle of wine so it can turn into alcohol and I can pour one out.

She was always great on Archer. I know they’ll send her character off in style (or definitely not; it’s just that kind of show). May she rest in peace.

For me, I can’t imagine Archer without her; other than H. John Benjamin, there is no other character as foundational as Malory and I can’t imagine any other actor playing the part.