Jessica Walter still kinda hot?

Referencing the whole MILF thing, anyone else think Jessica Walter is kinda hot?

Maybe I just like Arrested Development. :cool:

More of a G.I.L.F I’d say. And only because she’s so bad. If she were all sweetness and kindness…forget it.

Maybe I’ll put it in her brownie…

Daddy horny, Michael.

Well, I wouldn’t play “Misty” for her or anything, but…

Yep, that’s the key. I imagine (hope, wish, etc.) she would be **very ** strict in bed. :smiley:

I just watched the 1976 movie “Victory at Entebbe”, wow was she hot back then. And she looks pretty much the same now.

Yup, 64 is a little past Mother and well into Grandma.

Who’d want to go into that musty old claptrap?


Oh, the cabin. . .

Yeah, like anybody’d want to ‘R’ her.

I don’t know if I could be attracted to a woman 40 years older than I am. She’s probably about as close as it gets.

We bought the second season of the 1970s Wonder Woman series last night, and guess who was a guest star in the first episode? Turns out Jessica Walter was quite a bit younger in the '70s, go figure. :wink:

at her age, I believe the offical term is “cougar”

Think harder

Booyah! :wink:

I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.

Eh. If she was still around and the ages worked out, Audrey Hepburn would probably count…

Hmmm. By all accounts, a sweet and charming lady, but add 12 years to this and the last thing on my mind is doing her (though a chat over tea would be lovely). YMMV.

Agreed, but I’ve seen links to good pictures of her later in life on this board.