Women who got hotter as they got older

What women do you feel have gotten more attractive (physically) with age?

I would list

Julia Louis Dreyfuss



Sarah Silverman



Although it was a terrible show, I though Suzanne Somers was much hotter when she was in Step By Step in the '90s than when she was in Three’s Company in the '70s.

Honestly and without double standards, people do not get hotter with age. Some say that men have it easier and that may be true. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person who looks better in their 40s than they did in their 20s.

That includes Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Sarah Silverman, me and probably you. It’s probably something close to confirmation bias (not quite the same thing) but most people tend to find people closer to their own age more attractive.

As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’d be willing to wager that you (the beholder) are closer in age to your examples than you are to their 20-something photos. Furthermore, if you have a 20-something son, I think he might ask if you’re on drugs if you asked him to verify your supposition.

Also, I suspect the 40-something photo of Julia shows some work done, whether in makeup, plastic surgery, post-production or a combination. I’ve personally found Sarah Silverman incredibly hot since I first saw her on SNL in the early 90s so I’m not an unbiased source, but that’s always been more about brains than stark beauty. It’s too bad she won’t return my calls (kidding).

I’ve seen some women that looked better as they got richer.:cool:

I honestly can’t remember who, but I know I’ve seen an actress or two in their 30s-40s and said “Damn she must have been smokin at 20” only to see their college photos and it was obvious they didn’t get their look together till they got a high priced stylist.

Just in case she’s looking over my shoulder I’ll say my wife.

This ↑↑ :cool:

Young Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley in her forties

Still not buying it. Eyebrow shaping and better makeup don’t replace the natural beauty of youth. This isn’t to say that beauty is necessarily lost to youth, but I think it’s folly to suppose that anyone gets better looking with age after they’re fully into adulthood. But if you’re holding up this picture as an example of a woman who became better looking in her 40s than she was in her 20s, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

But you should acknowledge that your preference for “the natural beauty of youth” isn’t an objective standard - it’s just a personal opinion (albeit one shared by many people). Saying younger people are better looking than older people is just as subjective as saying taller people are better looking than shorter people or blondes are better looking than brunettes.

Agreed. She should be the trope namer for this.

I never said that youthful looks were my preference. What I said was that younger people are objectively more attractive than older people and I specifically stated that people are, in general, attracted to people nearer their own age. That is a subjective standard.

People are born, they grow, they mature to a certain point and then they start to age. Aging is, by definition, a form of decay. I’m not saying that a woman can’t be beautiful when she’s 40, 60 or 80 years old. I’m saying that objectively, absent significant changes in body weight, manipulation by makeup, plastic surgery or photoshop a person is more attractive when they’re younger than when they’re older.

Honestly, I didn’t think this was a very controversial opinion.

Well, then, how about this: If you can’t think of a single example for a thread about this topic, then how about, now that you’ve voiced your opinion, you don’t keep on about it and go along your merry way instead of crapping all over everyone else’s fun

I mean, I agree that youth is USUALLY more attractive, as does everyone else. That’s why this thread is for the exceptions. Just because someone no longer has “the beauty of youth” doesn’t meant that they haven’t become sufficiently prettier in other ways to become more attractive.

Your controversial opinion is merely your apparent inability to process exceptions to general rules.

I understand you didn’t say it. That’s why I was pointing it out to you. Opinions and objective facts are two different things and the rationalizations people offer for their opinions are not the same as the evidence which supports objective facts.

I wasn’t “going on” about anything. I was responding to a specific post that wasn’t yours. Now, I’ll respond to yours:

I’ve not been the least bit antagonistic in this thread. If you can’t handle different points of view without considering them to be thread crapping, you should probably unplug your computer and leave it so.

If the OP had meant for this to be a zany, fun thread it should have been posted in MPSIMS. Since it was posted in IMHO, I felt free to share my OPINION. If you disagree with my decision, frankly, I couldn’t possibly give less of a fuck. No fucks given.

Thanks for the veiled insult, but I’ll again take the bold stance of stating that adults do not normally, objectively become more attractive with age. I think you’re the one that needs to separate opinion from objective fact, not me.

The highlighted word is where your argument jumps the rails, IMO. I’m not aware of any objective standard for beauty. Those that make the claim are highly qualified, tortuous explanations for why certain subjective standards are really objective. (They’re not.)

So, most people may well agree with the inclinations you describe. But they’d be making a subjective assessment, just like those in this thread who say certain women get more attractive as they get older.

Which is basically you saying you have trouble with the idea you could be wrong. :slight_smile:

For my counter-argument, I’d say what you’re missing is the concept that beauty takes refinement, like diamonds in the rough. That’s what youth lacks - you see all the elements, yes, but they’re usually being mishandled. There’s a reason most people in their 40s and 50s look at pictures of themselves as teens and 20-somethings and wince. They’re seeing someone at their best with no idea what they’re doing (cf every prom picture on the planet). I’ve long held that the reason people think men grow more attractive as they age is that it takes them much longer to get their shit together, but it takes the ladies a bit of time as well.

There is a grace, confidence, and even power in the beauty of someone that’s learned to work with what they’ve got, and they’re more beautiful because their beauty isn’t obscured with the awkwardness and wrong-headed bs of youth. And so, they look better as they age.

Nope, I’m closer in age to the first Julia Louis-Dreyfus than I am to the second. However she did get hotter with age. The way she looked in her 30s and 40s was much improved from her look in her 20s.

And yeah, I agree there was probably work done. I’m sure a big part is just that she changed her hair style.

These women didn’t become hotter due to their aging, they got hotter because their success allowed them to retain better stylists, cosmeticians, and surgeons.

I think that’s Jake’s point: if they did the exact same stuff (hair, make up, photoshop) in their 20s they’d look better than in their 40s. (Right?) That’s where you’re missing each other: to what extent you see the hair/make up/PS as “beauty”.

If getting your look together is “beauty” then you’re more beautiful in your 40s (maybe), if “beauty” is natural & the starting point from which you add hair/make up/PS and that’s something other than beauty, then most people are probably more attractive in their 20s. Unless, I dunno, their nose improves or something?