RIP Joan Fontaine

…what an utterly shite day for film fans.

…as Olivia de Havilland phones her bookie.


Three big ones in one day

So I wonder if a sympathy card or a congratulations card is more appropriate to Ms. DeHavilland.

I missed one. Who’s the third (O’Toole, Fontaine, and …).

ETA: Never mind, Tom Laughlin

Yeah, not exactly in the same league.

I’m sure Olivia will be going soon, now that her life goal has been achieved.

Eleanor Parker died on the 9th, age 91.

Ray Price, the country singer, also died yesterday

Maybe Livvy will final spill the story on the decades long feud between Joan and her. Even though I don’t know what it was about, I’m on Livvy’s side.

Man oh man oh man. Livvie wins the bet.

Interesting thread by our very own Eve: So I was having brunch with Olivia de Havilland in Paris last week . . .

Joan Fontaine quote from wiki:

I guess there’s now one livid Livvie.

Aw, I just watched her on the **Alfred Hitchcock Hour *from 1963. The episode “The Paragon” is described on IMDB as A man tries to stop his insensitive wife from alienating their family and friends. * She was definitely the best part of the episode.