So, I was having brunch with Olivia de Havilland in Paris last week . . .

. . . and if you don’t think I am going to casually work *that *into every conversation, including at the dry cleaner’s and the deli . . .

I was staying in Montmartre with friends last week, and on Thursday Olivia de Havilland invited me over for demi-tasse and *macarons *at her home on the rue Benouville, a residential district (no shops, my dear). Livvy was charming and funny and gracious, and looks lovely: same voice, same smile, perfectly coiffed white hair, flawless complexion (she is 95!). She was wearing a white silk blouse, black skirt, big pearl necklace and earrings. She was eager to hear about my John Gilbert book—or at last she feigned interest, which is the definition of graciousness.

She had some wonderful stories: though, sadly, she gave up on her memoirs, as her eyes cannot stand computer-screen glare anymore. I warned her that if she doesn’t write her own book, others will write horrible lies about her, and she said “they already have—have you read that *dreadful *Charles Higham?” I’ll bet his recent death tickled her. I mentioned the hilarious Captain Blood publicity photo of her I’d sent her years ago, in a sexy girl pirate outfit, and she laughed, “well, you had to do whatever they told you when you were starting off! Once they had me pose with an alligator—you know, ‘eccentric starlet Olivia de Havilland has a pet alligator.’ They told me to pat it on the nose and warned me, ‘don’t worry about its mouth, but look out for the tail—that’s what they use to sweep you into their mouth.’”

The subject of Edward Everett Horton came up (I mean, doesn’t it always?) and she told us how she was staying at the Zanucks’ [I am mentally fainting about now] and Edward Everett Horton was so sweet and funny and charming, he would bring everyone breakfast in bed, pretending he was a valet.

I had only planned to stay 15 minutes—that’s what one should do when “paying calls”—but I was there for 45, and I finally said, “well, I do not want to overstay my welcome,” and her “girl” Megan showed me out. I waited till I got half a block away before jumping up and down and squealing “omigod I just had lunch with Olivia de Havilland!

Oh, yeah, the rest of Paris was nice, too.

Wow, I am so happy for you,** Eve**!

More details please, and a link to the sexy girl pirate picture!

Very Cool! She is a great actress.

That is very, very, cool!

You continue to be the most amazing person on the 'dope, Eve!

Eve, what a fantastic experience! I’m glad it happened to you.

I wouldn’t know what to say to her face myself. She has always been one of my favorite heroine actresses.


So, there I was, posting in a thread started by Eve about her having brunch with Olivia de Havilland in Paris last week …

By the third time I mention this, I’m going to work up to how delicious the macarons were.

How seriously cool for you, Eve!

Eve wins the internet.

<jumps for joy for Eve!>

My first thought when reading that Ms. DeHaviland can’t tolerate the computer screen was that she needs a scribe. And since Eve is an authoress…well…sounds like some amazing stories might disappear forever if someone doesn’t get them on paper. :slight_smile:

10 Achievement points for you, Eve!

I hope you weren’t wearing your “Team Fontaine” shirt.

I really can only remember half of what she said, as my brain was shorting-out with “I am sitting on a sofa three inches from Olivia de Havilland!” I did tell her The Heiress was my favorite of her movies, and she said, “Oh, I’m so glad, it’s mine, too,” and she told me of her daughter in Malibu and how happy she was that she’d remarried after being widowed (the daughter, I mean).

I’ve met lots of celebs before, but that was business: I was interviewing them, taking notes, we both had our jobs to do. But this was sitting and chatting like girlfriends! Perhaps after I left she said, “well, thank goodness *that’s *over, I thought she would never shut up and leave,” but I prefer to imagine her telling her assistant, “what a charming and amusing young lady! She reminds me of Ina Claire.”

You realize, you’ll never have brunch with Joan Fontaine now that you’ve posted this, don’t you?

I did think about bringing her the head of Joan Fontaine on a silver platter, but those things are *so *hard to get through Customs.

Sorry to say, but she’s on my List for next year.

Wow, what a great story - thanks for sharing it with us.

That’s so cool. But Captain Blood? Isn’t that the one where she dove nude from the ship into the sea?

Eve, you have the most amazing life! :slight_smile:

I’m giddy reading that you got to do this. I cannot even imagine how you must feel 'cause it’s, you know, …you and all.