RIP Kenny Baker

So I’m sitting in a bar and a midget walks in. The bartender sees him and yells “No fucking way!” He then runs around the bar saying “I got to get a picture!” I’m like, chill dude, that’s pretty fucking rude.

Anyway, Mr. Baker was very accommodating. Apparently he was in town for a Fanboy expo.

I used to think like you, but I saw a documentary about Star wars some years ago and Kenny Baker told how Lucas wanted R2D2 to appear uncomfortable and upset, and Baker came up with the wiggling from side to side which I instantly remembered. And then it dawned on me how difficult it is to act not only in a full suit and mask like Peter Mayhew, but inside a freaking box and giving that box a character that everybody remembers. And you can’t dismiss that R2D2 IS a character.

Actually I had totally forgotten about all the subtle “acting” that R2D2 does, it’s a long time since I’ve seen the films. It all makes sense now.