RIP: New Yorker cartoonist Jack Ziegler

Very sad. I’ve probably laughed longer and harder at Ziegler’s cartoons than almost anyone else’s. Yes, Addams, Thurber, Booth, and others were funny, but none of them routinely inspired flat out LOLing as much as Ziegler.

I hadn’t realized until I read Mankoff’s piece that we’ve also lost William Hamilton and James Stevenson recently, too.

Feel free to post your favorite Ziegler cartoons.

I like the last one in that article.

RIP Mr. Ziegler; you were funny as fuck.

Oh yes.

Wow, some of those cartoons in the link were funny!

May he rest in peace. The “Damn it, Hopkins…” cartoon with the snazzily-dressed guys around the conference table has long been a favorite of mine.

Not quite free, but amazingly inexpensive/. I like his mentality the more things change. A toast to Jack Ziegler.