RIP - Pinetop

Pinetop Perkins, legenday piano man passed away today. 97 years old
Played for many years with Muddy Waters

Drag. I saw him once at Tornado Alley. He could tiptoe on those keys.

I started listening to blues around 1999. Got serious about it for 5 years.

He was one of the people who I found a CD at my local library then. Wonderful.

Losing many of the originators.

Wah, saw him with Muddy in 1980 at the Sacramento Blues Festival. Both were great. RIP

I’m a musical dilletante, but am now listing to a bunch of this man’s music on YouTube. I expect I will be doing so all day, as long as I can.

What an artist. A great loss.

Pinetop was a wonderful player - he came along later than the boogie originators like Meade Lux Lewis, but man, he honored the tradition, played with some greats and had a wonderful career later in his life.

Check out this video of Meade Lux Lewis- his boogie is so fluid and watching the dancers movin’ to his groove is just so…cool and Harlem Renaissance-y…

So sad to hear it---- Pinetop was one of the great elder bluesmen, guess that leaves Honeyboy Edwards as the eldest.

And, the triumvirate of blues deaths this month was: Eddie Kirkland, my good Brother Big Jack Johnson, and Pinetop Perkins. They were all incredibly creative, on the fringes of what was popular, but great musicians.

RIP, there really will be no more musicians like these guys.