RIP Robert Vaughn

I no longer fear death, for so many greats have preceded me, and not complained.

Steve McQueen said “bullshit” to his face in “Bullitt.” First time I ever heard the word said in a movie theater, and it may have been the first time it was uttered on film.

Vaughn’s Chalmers in that film defined “smarmy!”

RIP :frowning:

I’ll always remember him as the leather-coated Nazi in The Bridges at Remagen. Ach du lieber! :smack:

In memoriam:

I wish it were 1972 again…! :frowning:

And here I thought I’d be the only person who loved him as David Blackman! (One of my all-time favorite movies!)

Raise your hand if you saw him in “Teenage Caveman” when it was first-run.

As much as I loved The Man From Uncle (I was in 8th grade), and regardless of all he accomplished afterward, Vaughn will always be Walter Chalmers for me and Mrs. Cretin.
Chalmers: “I demand that statement now.”

Bullitt: “S’cuse me.”

Eh. Those commercials weren’t just for a single local lawyer, if that makes you feel better. They are apparently provided by an advertising company for quite a lot of local lawyers around the country, with the actual firm’s name dropped in digitally, both in text and dubbed in voice.

Those are hilarious once you realize how they’re structured: we see two lawyers doing a walk-and-talk; and we see the smug-looking one explain that their client is totally liable for that car crash, but, hey, we can settle for practically nothing – and then we see his face fall as his dejected partner says, no, you don’t understand; the injured party hired [insert local law firm]. And cut to Robert Vaughn, urbanely spelling out for us how every attorney in town knows that firm means business.

Why do they stay on a tight shot of the smug-looking lawyer? Because as long as they don’t show his partner talking, they can dub in any name they want without synching up with the mouth. And, man, did they ever dub in tons of names.

He reprised his Magnificent Seven role in Battle Beyond the Stars (which was basically a remake of TMS).
He was also the Voice of Proteus IV, the evil computer in Dean Koontz’ Demon Seed (an uncredited role, but how could you not recognize that voice?)*

He was in a lot of pretty awful movies in his later years, but at least he got to redo Napoleon Solo in The REturn of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. in 1983

*They parodied it, somewhat, on The Simpsons, when Pierce Brosnan – another actor fanous for playting a secret agent – did the voice of UltraHouse in Treehouse of Horror XII in 2001

Man from Uncle was a great show. Primarily because of Robert Vaughn.

You’ll be missed Robert. Thank you for the great tv memories.

I had this secret agent man toy pistol. Got it in 3rd grade for Christmas. Probably inspired by the show.

His costar David McCallum is still alive and gave a short statement.


I ***loved ***The Man From U.N.C.L.E. when I was in grade school. We had a junior U.N.C.L.E. spy ring in our class with our own secret code that I memorized. I still have my 8x10 promo photo that NBC sent out in response to fan letters. Vaughn was right up there with Sean Connery and Robert Conrad as my action heroes back in those days–what a trinity of bad-ass spies!

Robert Vaughn and Leonard Cohen die and Trump is elected president. Has there ever been a worse week in history?

RIP, Robert. :frowning:

I used to have that toy! I still have the little metal “derringer” thingie that slipped up into the grip of the larger pistol. I also used to have the Man From U.N.C.L.E. “radio” that unfolded into a carbine, “camera” that unfolded into a pistol, and “cigarette lighter” that was a make-believe radio and also a mini-pistol.

(And my b.i.l. still has his old “Sixfinger” toy!)