RIP Robert Vaughn

Man From Uncle and Magnificent Seven actor dies surrounded by his family

Damn. 2016 is turning out to be a real downer. My wife gave me the THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. boxed set for Christmas a couple of years ago. I have the little 1/43 scale TMFU car like I had when I was little. (I wish I had the missile that shot from under the hood.)

Well, pfui. I guess this completely blows any chance of him guest appearing on NCIS.

Heh. Eighty-three years is a pretty good run in general, but just think: he stuck around long enough to see two movie-star attempts at following in his footsteps fail these past two years. “Well, he’s no Robert Vaughn,” people said.

Well, shoot. :frowning:


I liked him as the villain in Superman III. Then, in the late 90s, I kept seeing him in these advertisements for a local lawyer named Ron Kanosky or something like that.

That was the first thing I ever saw him in. “I ask you to kill Superman, and you’re telling me you couldn’t even do that one . . . simple . . . thing.” [/drops phone]

He also was in the final season of The A-Team. One episode had David MacCallum guest-starring as a Russian spy who was out to kill him.

2016 claims another piece of my childhood. I still have the lunch box.

Napoleon Solo, Lee, David Blackmon…we will miss you.

Bart: What’s this lunchbox made of?
Buck: Well, back in my day we had a thing called metal. Everything was made of it. Lunchboxes, cars, you name it.
Bart: Me-tal.

One of my favorite murderers in Columbo, appearing not once, but twice. He even got to be murdered by another murderer!

He was the last of the Magnificent Seven. RIP.

In recent years he also stood out in the BBC tv series *Hustle * as a suave con man . Still in great form.

That was a hell of an acting job.

He was active for so long. I enjoyed the UK show Hustle (or is it HU$TLE) --in it, his “wise old con man” held his own beautifully in a showy cast (Adrian Lester et al).

Oh wow. I didn’t realize that. Damn.

I loved Napoleon Solo.

Closing channel D.

Vaughn was also an incredibly smart, articulate guy. He had a Ph.D. from USC (his dissertation was on the HUAC and the blacklist) and was politically active. He appeared on Firing Line, debating Vietnam with William F. Buckley (full episode is here), and was quite knowledgeable.

A good actor, and very professional. He could take a rotten role and do good things with it, as in Superman 3. When he had something good to work with – as in most U.N.C.L.E. episodes! – he could do wonders with it.

There was an interview with him and David McCallum, which was interrupted when Vaughn’s phone rang. The ring-tone was the theme from Magnificent Seven. How can you help but love a guy like that?

Leo G. Carroll is welcoming him to the new headquarters, and briefing him for his next assignment.

Close Channel D, close Channel D. :frowning: