RIP Stan Kirsch - Richie on Highlander(the TV series)

He was 51.

Highlander the series might have been the only good thing to come from Highlander that was not the original movie.


Bummer. I liked that show. :frowning:

Waitaminnit . . . He was younger than me! :eek:

My ex will be really upset about this. We used to watch the TV series every night on Russian TV around the time our daughter was born.

To die at 51 … that’s bad! :frowning:



When he left as a regular is when Highlander’s quality dropped to movie-sequel levels. (Admittedly, I’m not sure if there was a cause and effect relationship in there.)

Looks like it was suicide, too. Double damn.

Godspeed, Stan. Hope your demons didn’t follow.

That was one of my favorite shows when it was on. He was a big reason why. It was far from perfect but it did heal some of the wounds caused by the sequels. Apparently he was a successful acting coach. Damn shame.