RIP Stephen Sondheim

Aged 91 years.

Oh, my God. Thank you for all the amazing musicals you’ve given us.

Sorry to hear it. Probably the greatest Broadway lyricist of all time.

Holy crap, we just watched Forum this morning …

mrAru in our normal black humor pointed out the usual thing we say ‘he/she had a good run’ if someone passes that is significantly old is oddly appropriate [or perhaps he had a number of great runs on stage]

He was on The Late Show not long ago and was still working. IIRC it was a sequel to a work that was just completed recently. It was probably partly the reason he was around so long.

RIP, Mr. Sondheim.

This is hitting me hard. I mean, I know no one lives forever, but – dang.

RIP. Here’s a number he wrote for “The Mad Show” under the pen name Esteban Rio Nido:

Something for everyone, a tragedy tonight.

Well, maybe next year.

Oh shit, what a fucking loss. True, nobody lives forever, but still, his life was too short. He will be sorely missed.