Happy 80th Birthday Stephen Sondheim

Thanks for all the great musicals!

And Happy 62nd Birthday to Lord Ansrew Lloyd Webber. It’s one of life’s most amazing coincidences that the two greats in the small field of successful musical composers should share a birth date.

And it was just announced today that he’s getting a theatre named after him! The Henry Miller will soon be known as the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. What a great honor!

And 80 years is about how long it would take me to memorize some of the lyrics of his songs - that guy can pack the words in a song like nobody else can do!

I have told this story on the boards before, but worth repeating:
A friend was at Marie’s Crisis, a Gay piano bar in the heart of Greenwich Village on Sheridan Square. As usual, the boys were singing up a storm, and one brave young lad belted out a Sondheim number. He finished to rounding applause and who should walk in and applaud as well? Mr. Sondheim - who had been coincidentally passing by the bar and heard the guy sing his song.
From all reports, it was quite an amazing night at Marie’s and Sondheim hung around the bar for awhile.

Happy Birthday, sir!.