RIP to an odd and brilliant man, Lorenzo Semple Jr

The screenwriter & the creator of the Batman TV show (among may other things) died this morning at age 91. He was my uncle.

The video linked at the end was recorded a year ago, and it’s just HIM, in all his caustic bluntness.

Your uncle was cool.

Three Days of the Condor!
He was more than cool - he was awesome!

Holy cow, he did Batman, 3 Days, Never Say Never Again and Flash Gordon. Uncle Lorenzo entertained me for hours on end. Thanks, Unc!

The five minutes I’ve heard of the interview so far - geez, that guy told it like he saw it. How long ago was the interview? He’s sharp as a tack.

That interview was a year ago, August 2013! The man was way too smart for his own good :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m sorry about your uncle. It sounds like he was an interesting guy to be around and talk to.

Oh my.

Wow. You are so lucky! None of my uncles were anywhere near as cool as your was.

No… not cool. As beowulff aptly put it, he was awesome!

Sorry to hear about his death. To be honest, though, I didn’t much care for the bulk of his work. I hated that Batman TV series, thought the 1976 King Kong remake was awful, and didn’t much care for Flash Gordon. I liked Never Say Never Again, though. Semple’s style was perfectly fitted to the needs of that Bond film.

My kids (and their dad) loved Batman. The King Kong remake is my current husband’s favorite movie.

What a cool guy to have in the family. And your great-uncle wrote The Philadelphia Story!

I see Pretty Poison as one of his credits. Good movie, Tuesday Weld’s best.

I wonder if TCM will do a retrospective.

Thanks for letting me know. Three Days of the Condor is a great spy flick. Here’s a discussion:

Condolences on the loss of your uncle. He did some innovative (and highly entertaining) work.