RIP Tom Davis

He was 59.

Back when partner had a different meaning, he was Al Franken’s partner on SNL.

Ddamn! I used to love their appearances on SNL. He was a truly gifted comedian and writer.

Franken’s daughter is named Thomasin after him. They had a major falling out and didn’t speak for many years (rumor is that Franken and his wife quit drugs after she had a near fatal overdose, but Davis kept using), but I think they reconciled in recent years.

ETA: All the above is mentioned in the article.

Aw, damn! Franken and Davis were a classic comedy team in the vein of Bob and Ray or Rowan and Martin. They were THAT good! We won’t see their likes again soon.

RIP :frowning:

Noooooo. Great writer, entertaining raconteur.

That reminded me of a great scene recounted in Bob Woodward’s book Wired. Franken & Davis had just bough cocaine for the first time and had dumped it all out onto a table in the SNL’s writers room. They were inexperienced & a little timid as to how exactly you should party with it. Then Belushi burst in, saw the pile of blow, said “Wow! Cool!” and proceeded to suck it all up in one giant snort!

For those who didn’t click the link, Davis died of throat cancer. Is sad, reminds me of how funny Franken used to be (and sometimes still is) when he’s not trying to be taken seriously…

:confused: What link?

I always remember him as one of the baggage handlers (Franken was the other) dealing w/ a gorilla in “Trading Places.”

Yeah, what article?

I only saw a one-paragraph thing on CNN with no cause of death. And then I felt like there was going to be more to the article, but some bees came in.

Throat cancer? Are you sure it wasn’t a brain tumor?

So help me, there was a link in the OP. (Okay, now I’m the guy in the horror movie who saw the devil worshiping half-goat witch alien zombie but whose camcorder just has static and nobody else saw anything.)