Examples Of Actors Playing Best Friends, When In Real Life The Actors Hate Each Other

I remember when Bea Arthur died, someone said that she and Betty White couldnt stand each other in real life, despite playing close friends on “Golden Girls” for several seasons…

I think that there was also bad blood between some of the “Star Trek” cast, but dont know the series enough to recall the details.

Any other examples of actors who hate each other but are still convincing playing close friends on screen?

(any examples shared dont need to be blood fueds, just good stories of cast conflicts between actors who appear to be buddies in thier roles)

I’ve heard that Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth (Galina and Elphaba in the original cast of Wicked) hated each other.

Apparently there were feuds between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall on Sex and the City. Or, well, disagreements at least.

If married couples count, it’s well documented that “Fred and Ethel Mertz” (William Frawley and Vivian Vance) from “I Love Lucy” couldn’t stand each other.

And if lovers count, it’s pretty well documented that Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd disliked each other.

I doubt they hate each other, but after the actors who play Chase and Cameron on House broke off their engagement, their characters got married. That couldn’t have been the most fun awesome thing ever.

Jamie and Adam on Mythbusters, respect yes friendship no.

For couples–in Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze couldn’t stand each other.

And of course, there have been countless comedy teams or show biz acts in which the two partners detest each other, even as they act buddy-buddy on stage.

For that reason alone, it was refreshing when I heard Penn Jillette tell Larry King that, a big part of the reason for his successful relationship with Teller, is that they avoid each other completely when they’re not working.

Oh, it’s NOT that they hate each other. It’s that, apart from magic, they have absolutely nothing in common. They have a blast working together, but aren’t close friends and never have been.

All of these are great examples----I was just looking for any stories that Dopers may know of in this area, just because I thought it may be a entertaining little thread…

Thanks, Matthew

Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox (Ponch and Jon, respectively) of CHiPs did not like each other. Jon left the show before the final season and got replaced by a couple of inferior actors who were supposed to be brothers on the show.

Basically, nobody liked Shatner, because his ego was so big. Nimoy was particularly annoyed with him. They’re apparently patched things up in recent years.

I read basically the same thing in their Vegas show’s souvenir booklet. They really do have polar opposite personalities. Penn is into the classic rock music, Teller is into classical. They do say their relationship has been successful because it’s always been strictly business.

i heard Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams didn’t get along.

David Duchovny really didn’t get on with Gillian Anderson, by all accounts. Not hate, but definitely not friendly either.

that is pretty well documented, and I think that George and Weezy Jefferson did not like each other either.

Liz Taylor loathed Kim Novak, yet they played “friends” in the film 'The Mirror Crack’d".

In a road company I directed one year, the romantic leads ended up hating each other (they started out really liking each other). Apparently, they were literally eating raw garlic and onions before going on stage for love scenes. I had to threaten to dock their pay if it continued.

In NZ, former top sportsmen Matthew Ridge & Marc Ellis appear close mates & have a great rapport. In real life they rarely hang out together. Not hate - but not friends either.

There’s an episode of The Larry Sanders Show where they’ve got The Shat on the speaker phone and they’re trying to get him to say “Klingons,” so they ask him who his biggest enemy on Star Trek was, and he says that he and De Kelley didn’t get along so well.

I’ve always taken that as a joke (I’ve always heard that everyone got along with De), but it’s a fun scene, because everybody gets all quiet and uncomfortable for a moment when he misunderstands the question.

So you read “I Am Spock” as well? It took a little bit of reading between the lines, since Nimoy was being so professional, but you could tell he really didn’t like the guy.

And, of course, Wil Wheaton let us know about the rest of the cast. WFS, indeed.

Lawrence Olivier had wanted Vivian Leigh to play the lead in Rebecca opposite him. When Joan Fontaine was cast, he got revenge by being deliberately cruel (including whispering obscenities during love scenes). Alfred Hitchcock knew about it, but liked how it affected Fontaine’s performance.

Tony Curtis hated working with Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot; famously, he said to her “kissing you is like kissing Hitler.”

Humphrey Bogart disliked working with Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina – he wanted Lauren Bacall – mostly because she took too many takes. Bogart also strongly disliked William Holden, who played his brother.

Actually, no, I’m basing it on stuff they’ve both said since they made up. (Judging from events surrounding his wedding, I don’t think George Takei likes Shatner very much, even now.)