Ripper is a go?

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this discussed – at least according to this article, Josh Whedon is going ahead with the Ripper sequel to Buffy that was being talked about a few years back. More Anthony Stewart Head goodness.

I’ve heard about it through other sources, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Not before.

Joss (not “Josh”) Whedon did mention *Ripper * at the recent ComicCon.

But the good folks at regard this latest update as rather suspect. I believe the phrase “tabloid trash” was used.

Keep your fingers crossed–but don’t hold your breath!

Good frickin’ lord, Tony Head will be using Depends before this thing is greenlighted! (greenlit?) Are they really going to still use him to play a pre-*Buffy *Giles? Is there some mystical aging phlebotinum involved?

Of course, anything by Joss, and I’m so there. Drool, slobber, fanslurp and all that…

Who is “Josh” Whedon? The OP should double-check his sources; I don’t think Joss Whedon would trust this project to anyone other than himself.

Is this really going to be the story of Giles pre-Buffy? I’d always heard it was going to be about Giles as a former Watcher, back home in England after his sunny Sunnydale days.

Of course, that was years ago, when Ripper was first proposed, after ASH had left the show as a regular and before Joss had conceived of the “Season 8” comic book, which puts Giles back in the U.S.

I’d read a description of it where Giles just bookends a story that doesn’t actually feature him, kinda like the Crypt Keeper or like David Duchovny in Red Shoe Diaries.

I hope it’s about Giles’ wayward youth, getting caught up with a dangerous crowd, studying the occult, and earning the Ripper nickname. I’d love to see his origin, and what finally puts him onto the straight and narrow path with the Watchers.

Rupert Giles = a kinder, less bastardly, more intellectual John Constantine.

but I loved how he dispatched Glory! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I mean – he’s a badass, and can be quite intense and even violent if you threaten the people he cares about. He was always the one willing to make the hard choices, do the horrible things, and shoulder the guilt when Buffy and the others couldn’t. That’s what Constantine has made a career of doing, except his gentle, tender side is a lot more hidden than Giles’.

That’s what I’ve always thought! Especially since “Band Candy.”

But if it’s a pre-Buffy storyline, they can’t credibly use Anthony Stewart Head.

I didn’t even know the Crypt Keeper was in Red Shoe Diaries.