Ripping DVD Audio

I have purchased a DVD (Moby Play, the DVD) and I want to rip the audio of the Megamix so I can play it in my car. I could easily make a cassette, but I’d rather make a CD. I have a DVD player in my PC and a CDRW but my software (Nero) doesn’t recognize the audio. Any way to do this?

I use Adaptec CD creator deluxe (Spin Doctor) or Creative Wave Studio (was bundled with the sound card).

your audio card should have had some sort of audio edit/record s/w with it - look around.

To my surprise, someone has finally done a do it all DVD audio ripper. The hard part is getting past the DVD encryption and converting the AC-3 audio into uncompressed PCM which it looks like this program will do. Keep in mind the legality of ripping a DVD is a bit murky.

On a second look, you will still have to get a separate ripper program to extract the VOB file (DeCSS?). Once you have the VOB, you run this program to convert the audio to WAV. You will then have to convert the WAV to MP3. Lame is my personal favorite mp3 encoder.

or, you could hook up the audio out of your dvd player to the “line in” of the audio card - or am I hoplessly behind the curve?

I don’t think there’s any question about the legality of ripping a DVD for use in the car, I’m pretty sure format-shifting has been recognized as legal. It’s only when you distribute the copy that you open yourself up to legal trouble.

(I suppose someone could claim you’re violating the DMCA, but then they’d have to justify CSS as a copy-protection system, which it isn’t because it doesn’t prevent copying.)

That’s what I’ve been doing and it works just fine for me. It also works for cassettes and albums, too. Of course, I’m only ripping copies of stuff I own. has all the tools you need, if you don’t mind digging around. Just off the top of my head, you’ll need a vob decrypting tool and possibly a demuxer (even if there isn’t a video signal contained), an ac3 decoder to get a usable pcm wav file to feed into your mp3 encoder of choice.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, as long as you’re patient. Make sure you have a lot of spare hard drive space before you start, though.