Rita Moreno signed for Steven Spielberg's remake of "West Side Story"

Steven Spielberg is remaking West Side Story, and the cast includes Rita Moreno.

My jaw hit the floor when I heard this, and much as I don’t think classic movies should be remade, I will definitely see one!

He’ll do a god enough job with it. At least George Lucas is staying out of it. :smiley:
And I totally read this the first time as “Rita Moreno signed for Steven King’s remake of ‘West Side Story’”
I need coffee

When I first heard the story, I thought someone had mixed up Steven Spielberg with composer Stephen Sondheim. One of my bucket list items is for those two creative types to get together.

And it’s happening!!

Even with Spielberg running things, there is every opportunity to ruin one of the best musicals ever produced for film. It’s definitely not going to be on my watch list.

The movie is closing in on 60 years old. It was a masterpiece, but modernizing it might introduce a new audience to the movie and whatever music they retain. I imagine some people complained about the play and the movie as just ruining one of the Bard’s best plays.

My kids who greatly enjoy some older movies like Singing in the Rain or Bringing up Baby, had little use for the classic West Side Story.

I won’t go to the movies for it, but I’ll probably give it a try when it hits TV/streaming.

Yeah, can’t wait to see the Bloods and Crips flamboyantly snapping their fingers in unison.

Next up: a remake of Oklahoma!, starring Kanye West and a Kardashian.

SCENE: Kanye lying in his bed, just waking up. He begins to sing…

Ho, what a beautiful morning
Ho, what a beautiful day
I got a beautiful feeling
Ho’s will keep coming my way.



For winning the internet! :smiley:

Stage plays are meant to be done many different times, with many different casts.

And made into many different films.

It might suck. It might be great.

Holy smokes! One of my all time favorite movies! I’m anxious, but also excited.

I think you put your finger on the problem. The original is very much of its time; the gang problems of late 1950s Manhattan seem quaint nowadays, with almost no mention of drugs, and no guns. Singing in the Rain and Bringing Up Baby were fantasies even for their time, and so don’t suffer from being dated.

The songs and other music are what made this show; the linked story doesn’t say anything about any possible changes there. Can the other trappings be updated without making the songs obsolete? I suppose if anyone can thread this needle, probably Spielberg will at least make a good effort.

I agree: The story is dated; the music is wonderful.

The basic plot is Romeo and Juliet which was already old when Shakespeare used it. I’m sure Spielberg can figure out two groups who can plausibly be portrayed as hating each other for a contemporary remake. Hell, just put her family in MAGA hats and make his family Bernie bros.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it (on stage or the film). I don’t remember any older women characters.

Possible Spielberg has created a new character just to work Moreno into the film?

If she keeps going, maybe she’ll achieve the special double-EGOT. Two Emmys, a Grammy and a Latin Grammy (which should count the same). So one more Oscar and Tony to go.

Fight ignorance.

See it!

Her character will replace that of the store keeper. Don’t recall his name. Won’t be too similar of a character, but fill the same spot in the story apparently.

West Side Story is a period piece riff on R&J, yes, but there’s nothing wrong with period pieces. I think it holds up very well. I"ve seen it probably a dozen times (and I don’t generally like musicals).

I’ll watch the new version. I won’t have high expectations, so hoping to be surprised on the upside!


They’re apparently going to expand the character’s role in the movie.