Rizzoli & Isles 08/16/10: Ooh, such fanservice!

I just realized why Ms. Alexander looks better, to me at least, on R&I than NCIS. On the newer show, she smiles much more and is generally nicer. Isles is generally happy in her work, which brings her into regular contact with her best friend; by contrast, Todd was frequently ambivalent about NCIS (if only because she had moved from a job she knew well to one where she had to be trained again), and could just barely stand one of her coworkers most of the time.

That’s a good point, Skald, but sometimes pissed-off chicks can be HOT.

I guess we have to agree to disagree. To me, Kate on NCIS was so utterly meh that I never could understand the UST between here and DiNozzi. But Dr. Isles is a hottie and a half.

While I’d not call Kate meh, I’m also not prepared to concede there was genuine unresolved sexual tension between her and DiNozzo. There’s smoldering between Ziva and DiNozzo; I think Kate genuinely disliked Tony, and vice versa.

And, yes, I recall that she wept for him when she thought he was dying of the plague, and that he was emotionally affected when she did, in fact, perish. The fact that they’re capable of sympathy of one another doesn’t mean that either of them wouldn’t have been happier if the other had worked elsewhere.