Rizzoli & Isles 08/16/10: Ooh, such fanservice!

How did it take the writers this long to send them underground as lesbians?!

A brilliant concept. And it wasn’t the first episode where R & I were seen in bed together. I smell a trend!

Really? I smell fish . . .

I couldn’t decide whether it was pandering or just a logical extension of the way the characters interact. I was especially tickled by Maura & Jane’s arguing as they were lying in bed together (fully clothed), and their mutual, utter obliviousness to the fact that it was a lovers’ quarrel.

Also, Sasha Alexander dressed as a nightclub waitress is a good thing.

Yes, but she mispronounced “Euler”, didn’t she?

And “immunoglobulin”. But who cares?

I wasn’t watching closely, so I’ll take your word for it.

I’ve always found Angie Harmon to be hot, but as she’s matured, her voice has become more like Susan Saint James’s. So, now, she’s a taller, hotter Susan Saint James. :smiley:

I found the episode amusing, as they continue to dance around the “are R&I lesbians or not” idea.

We geeks can be a picky lot, can’t we?

Yes, she did. I shot bolt upright, scaring both my GF and my puppy who were on the same couch. Some things I take even more seriously than two hot lesbians.

How about they’re emotionally in love but physically not in lust? I can see Maura saying to herself, “Damn, I wish Jane looked more like Mark Harmon, or even Michael Weatherly.”

I note that every episode so far involves one, the other, or both trying to hook up with a guy – or, reluctantly be hooked up (say, by Rizzoli’s Mom) – and, for one reason or another, it never seems to work out. But that recurrent plot element seems natural, even indispensable, in a series about two single women.

I also note that if the leads were both male, and nothing else about them were different, the search for love would be played very differently if at all.

Whether that says more about cultural norms or real life is open to debate.

I don’t know why coughimplantscough, but she looks a lot hotter now than she did when she was on NCIS.

I am just happy when they get some of the Boston area stuff right.

If only I could say something similar about Memphis Beat. Admittedly I’m not actually watching it, as the mention of a mythical first avenue in only episode I looked at put me off.

I’d be happy if a show purportedly set in my town were actually filmed there. Unless it’s NY or LA . . . probably not.

I quite disagree. On R&I she looks rather generic; was much more distinctive on NCIS.

I was wondering if I might run across a film crew, but I looked it up and they don’t shoot it here. I noticed a lot of quick shots of Boston locations to set a scene, but I haven’t noticed any real Boston flavor to the show. The previews for next week show them at the “Massachusetts Marathon”.

(I tink Leverage is the same; takes place in Boston but isn’t filmed here. In Portland, Oregon, I think I read somewhere.)

Well, she was eating a Fluffanutter in one episode. And the guy playing Lt. Grant in two of the episodes seemed to have the accent spot on. :wink: Although Bruce McGill was laying on the Costner JFK accent in the first few episodes, he seems to have toned it down a bit. And there is obviously no “Boston Cambridge University”. I wonder if it is a legal thing, not being able to use names like Harvard, Boston Marathon, etc.

[Yawn] Wake me up when they kiss each other. [/yawn] :rolleyes:

A question for the sciencey types among us: If somebody kisses somebody else on the neck, and then a forensic examiner takes a swab of the area for a DNA test, do you actually get kiss DNA or just a whole lot of neck DNA?