RNAi in humans ... anyone know if its working yet?

Supposedly with RNAi we can theoretically decode DNA by being able to turn off any sequence (by tricking the RNAi into inhibiting it like it would a virus) in DNA and then see what the result is. I know in computer programming, thats one way of troubleshooting to find a problem. Does it work? If we could do it, we could theoretically end disease, aging, and have ultimate control over all living things, right?

I know of no clinical trials based on RNAi. Certainly there are no drugs based on it yet. It has been troublesome to get working in anything except C. elegans and cell culture; even in Drosophila it is very hit-or-miss and there is very little way to predict if your RNAi is going to work.

saw on PBS tonite that it appeared to be working with a woman with macular degeneration