What Gene Therapy human trials are you intersted in?

So, I’m not a scientist or medical profession. I’ve no close relatives in a place to be deeply affected by gene therapy trials, though there are some more distant ones. For me, I’ve recently gone on a kick Googling currently in-progress human trails. Started with me casually looking up Rett Syndrome to see if there were any there (I’ve been somewhat interested since the “reversibility” thing came up in mouse studies ages ago (not in any sense something that could be done in humans - it’s the idea that the skills could be regained that interested me, not the methodology).

I know with Phase 1 or even Phase 2 trials, there’s a good chance of phase 3 being less promising and the whole things collapsing. But these intrigue me. Some will need re-administration, though. None of these use CRISPR - AAV is most common, I think.

My search led me to a Phase 1/2 trial for infantile spinal muscular atrophy (BTW, recently had the first drug approved to treat all types of SMA, so that’s exciting, too). The PDF with their results is linked here.

Another one that looks interesting is for adrenoleukodystrophy. It’s phase 2-3. Here’s a more layman-friendly article. Still requires chemo.

Also, some interesting trials for Hemophilia - Hemophilia A from BioMarinResults look good. Have to keep an eye on side effects. This one will need re-treatments, so the question is how often, I guess. Another company has a phase 1 trial for Hemophilia B.

Resurrecting my own dead thread (that no else replied to, so was it ever really alive?) because earlier this month the SMA gene therapy I mentioned was approved by the FDA.

There have been some interesting recent developments in research on AMT-130 for treating Huntington’s Disease.

That is interesting. I look forward to the clinical trials.

For the other ones I mentioned back then, I can see that BioMarin’s Hemophilia A is still in trials, and there was some indication of it wearing off in some patients (but we knew back then it would not be permanent, so I think this is more about us having a time frame).

Looks like Pfizer took over the Hemophilia B treatment. I haven’t heard much about it.

Thanks for posting. Interesting read.

Obviously Zolgensma is the headline item here. I’ll look out for the Summary Basis of Approval, and I’ll post it when it’s published - it may be a while. but it looks like that would give a 2-year update on the link you provided.

There’s an up-to-date clinical summary (very brief) in section 14 of the Package Insert.

I have been considering posting a thread to discuss the health economic aspects of this drug (at $2.1M per shot). But I’ll need to do some reading first - it doesn’t fit the typical models used when costing QALYs (so far as I can figure out) because health economics don’t often (ever?) assess the “value” of a whole life (not that this drug will be shown, for many years, to provide a normal life expectancy). Frankly, I’m not at all sure I’m qualified to kick this off, but I may do anyway just to see what comes up.